In this example case using the invented customer Compafi, based on solutions we’ve implemented for customers, we’ll demonstrate how administrators can offer employees clear and tailored career pathways using our AI skills generation tool.

At Compafi, there is an organizational vision to provide every team and individual with clear career pathways. Mia in the Learning & Development (L&D) Team is meeting with line managers across departments to help them define the skills needed for each of the roles in their teams. 

AI skills generation for career pathways

Defining Skills and Career Growth Plans

Mia, a proactive member of the team at Compafi, is eager to enhance career pathways for Emily’s Quality Assurance team. Emily, a seasoned leader in Quality Assurance, oversees critical roles like Quality Assurance Technician, Control Inspector, and Training Coordinator within her team.

Mia leverages Learn365 to meticulously outline the skills essential for each role, setting clear expectations and illuminating avenues for individual career progression. Through this innovative AI-driven process, a recommended Skills Framework is crafted by the Learning and Development (L&D) team.

This framework empowers Emily’s team to:

  • Shape their career trajectories
  • Enable line managers to provide tailored support
  • Offers team leaders a holistic view of existing skills and areas for development

AI-Powered Skills Generation in Action

In this scenario, Learn365’s AI-Powered Skills Generation is used to create target skills for the role tailored for the Quality Assurance Technician role. The envisioned career growth path includes progression to Quality Control Inspector and eventually Quality Assurance Manager roles.

Step-by-Step Guide: Jumpstart Skill Generation with Learn365’s AI Tool

As Mia delves into the Learn365 Admin Center, she embarks on a journey to refine the Skills Framework. She begins this process by managing skills. With a click, she unleashes the power of AI to generate skills. First, she focuses on the role of a Quality Assurance Technician.

Through a seamless process, Mia curates a list of 20 recommended skills tailored to the job, ensuring precision and relevance. Specifically, to enhance the learner experience, she enables skill category generation. This empowers learners to filter skills effectively on their Training Dashboard.

While collaborating closely with Emily, Mia fine-tunes and customizes skills to meet the team’s unique needs. By delving deeper, they define skill levels, opting for a three-tier system for ‘skill 1’ in the QA Technician role. As they repeat this process for Quality Control Inspectors and QA Managers, they identify new skills while maintaining consistency with the Technician role.

Learn365 AI skills generation

In sum, Emily’s strategic decision-making shines as she tailors skill levels for each role, setting clear progression paths and fostering skill development within the team. By following these structured steps, Mia effectively utilizes Learn365’s AI tool to enhance the Skills Framework. Additionally, this process helps tailor skill levels and support career pathway progression within Emily’s Quality Assurance team.

Tailored Training Plans for Skill Enhancement

Mia designs personalized training plans to nurture the growth of Quality Assurance Technicians in Emily’s team, fostering skill development. These training plans encompass a mix of in-person and online hands-on training, e-learning modules, as well as tests and assessments of on-the-job training progression to ensure comprehensive skill enhancement.

Tracking Progress and Fostering Development

Then, to monitor learner progress effectively, Mia links specific skills to the training plan, enabling seamless tracking of skill acquisition and development. Additionally, Emily actively monitors her team’s advancement, leveraging Learn365 to gain insights into what skills are present and needed on the QA team.

Holistic Approach to Career Development

By aligning skills with roles, targeted learning initiatives, and continuous engagement, the L&D team showcases the strategic value of their team in supporting career development plans organization-wide. Likewise, this collaborative effort equips teams with the necessary tools and insights to identify and cultivate essential skills at every level of each role.

Leveraging Learn365’s Suite for Skills Generation

Emily maximizes Learn365’s capabilities by utilizing Engage365 for regular check-ins with her team. This helps ensure they stay on track with their learning goals. Additionally, she uses the employee engagement platform to identify when team members are struggling to find time for training. With this knowledge, she can help them reprioritize responsibilities and get them back on track.

Moreover, through Perform365, she seamlessly integrates training completion and skill acquisition with individual and team performance objectives.

In conclusion, Learn365’s AI skills generation tool doesn’t just facilitate skill development and career pathway progression. It also fosters a culture of continuous learning, team collaboration, and strategic alignment with organizational goals.

Lastly, for more detailed information about the AI-powered skills generation feature, check out this Help Center article.