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Employee Recognition Software

Employee recognition
is authentic and easy,
and drives engagement

Are you recognizing your employees’ hard work?

Make sure your people feel seen for their hard work with a dedicated employee recognition software.

Create a workplace culture that celebrates continuous improvement, saying thank you, and great teamwork. Shine a light on the champions with workplace recognition that feels genuine because it’s from your peers.

Our recognition dashboards help managers identify future superstars and team players who may otherwise go unnoticed. Celebrate your team and unlock a culture of recognition and success.

Are you recognizing your employees’ hard work-

Build a supportive culture with cross-team recognition

Spotlight great work

Boost morale and cross-company collaboration by reminding your people to say thank you or call out the great work their colleagues are doing during their regular check-ins.

Employee recognition dashboard

The employee workplace recognition dashboard shows you who’s continuously going above and beyond for their colleagues and your business. It helps to build great culture too when cross-function teams start recognizing their project peers.

Recognition through Teams

Push kudos notification to a Microsoft Teams Channel for public workplace recognition and to encourage more employee recognition from peers and managers across the company.

Build a supportive culture with cross-team recognition

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

“Personally, I love seeing where colleagues have recognized and mentioned other people. They are all doing it; one person recognizes someone, and that then encourages the recognized staff member to think about if there is someone to whom they should be giving kudos. It’s simple and builds morale fantastically.”

Top benefits of our employee recognition software

Integrated recognition

Integrated recognition

With Engage365, you can integrate recognition into daily routines, fostering a culture of appreciation and continuous improvement. Identify hidden talents and celebrate great teamwork effortlessly.

Appreciate your team

Appreciate your team

Our software ensures genuine employee recognition, helping your people to feel genuinely valued and appreciated every day.

Collaboration in Teams

Collaboration in Teams

With our employee recognition software, you can foster a collaborative environment that thrives on peer kudos. Empower your teams to work together seamlessly in the integrated Teams app, and recognize each other's contributions to projects.

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“When someone says their job is challenging, that can be good or bad. Best case: challenging work keeps people engaged by preventing boredom. Worst case: it wears them down until they can’t take anymore. And, more often than not, the deciding factor is usually a lack of employee recognition at work.”

10 tips for building a workplace culture that welcomes feedback

Want to see what Engage365 is all about?

Built for Microsoft 365, Teams, and Outlook, our software offers a best-practice framework for everyday support, fostering well-being and progress towards goals.

With features like employee recognition, manager coaching, and regular check-ins, Engage365 empowers your people to engage like never before. Boost engagement, identify hidden talents, and celebrate great teamwork using employee recognition with Engage365 software.

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FAQ Girl

Q: What is employee recognition?

Employee recognition refers to a company’s acknowledgment of its employees for exceeding expectations or demonstrating great teamwork. It’s used to reinforce good behavior, performance, or practices that result in positive effects and results for the business. This can boost morale, improve productivity, improve employee retention, and foster a culture of self-improvement. Employee recognition can take various forms, such as peer-to-peer, manager-led, and leadership-led and is easy to do through Enagage365 software.

Q: Does Engage365 have an app to reward employees?

Yes, Engage365 has an employee recognition software app that allows employees to check in from anywhere and share their successes, challenges, and recognize others. The app provides notifications via the bot for managers and employees covering updates, recognition received, and more. The app is available for Android and iOS and can also be accessed through Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and Microsoft 365.

Q: How do you create employee recognition for remote workers?

To create employee recognition for remote workers, consider using employee recognition software like Engage365, which offer features such as peer-to-peer recognition, timely employee feedback, and a mobile-first approach. These platforms can help foster a culture of appreciation and engagement, vital for remote teams.