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360 Feedback Software

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360 feedback software

Ready to build stronger teams with 360 feedback?

Create more collaborative and engaged teams through Perform365’s 360 feedback software.

360 feedback is a way for individuals to understand their personal strengths and weaknesses using input from those who work with them the most. With this tool, you can build trust and accountability in your team, pinpoint broken processes, and identify training needs swiftly.

With Perform365, you get access to best practice 360 feedback software that can transform the progress and culture of your team.

Ready to build stronger teams with 360 feedback-

Complement performance reviews with 360 feedback

Feedback from different perspectives

Gather feedback from peers, managers and leaders to give you a holistic perspective for appraisals. Or from external sources for customer or supplier feedback. Make your performance management process more objective, targeted, and effective with an important mix of feedback sources. Less goes unnoticed, particularly for remote or hybrid work settings with these insights.

Better performance conversations

Managers have a well-rounded and fuller view of a how their employees are performing and the  contributions they’re making. Perform365 360 feedback software leads to more effective performance conversations that fully support personal and professional development.

Automatically draw feedback into reviews

Include detailed or summarized 360 feedback in performance reviews with a simple click of a button using our Perform365 software.

Use the feedback for personal development

360 feedback isn’t just for performance. In fact, 360 review feedback is a great way to support personal development. Your people and their managers can use the feedback as agenda items, conversation ideas, or to help career progression. Alternatively, managers can use 360 feedback as a high-level talent development tool to share summaries versus details with employees.

Complement performance reviews with 360 feedback

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

“The employee check-in carves out a regular time and process for employees to reflect on their successes and raise issues in a way that their manager can easily feedback on. Getting into the habit of doing that regularly builds a sense of trust. It's therefore easier to raise concerns and have more meaningful conversations.”

Top benefits of our 360 feedback software

Diversity in feedback

Diversity in feedback

Enhance performance conversations by collecting feedback from various viewpoints. Gain a comprehensive understanding of your team's strengths and areas for improvement with Perform365's 360-degree feedback software.

Holistic overview

Holistic overview

Acquire a deeper understanding of individuals. Our check-in, recognition, and goal-setting tools provide a well-rounded view of each team member, ensuring you appreciate their unique contributions and support their growth.

Leverage feedback better

Leverage feedback better

Elevate 1-to-1 discussions with analyzed feedback results. Perform365 empowers you to bring data-driven insights into conversations, fostering more impactful discussions about development and goals.

Want to see it in action?

“360 degree feedback is a tool to support personal development as part of the wider performance management process. It’s a structured way for colleagues to share their opinion about their peers. It shouldn’t be used to evaluate if some has achieved their goals. Rather, how they went about their work.”

Want to see more of Perform365?

Perform365 is designed for Microsoft 365, Teams, and Outlook. It’s packed with features to support, engage, and inspire your team. One of our favorite features is the 360 feedback tool. It’s a great way to get feedback from your team and improve your performance. But that’s just the beginning!

Perform365 also has performance review tools, OKR tracking, SMART goal-setting capabilities, a mobile app, and so much more.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to redefine what’s possible with Perform365.

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FAQ Girl

Q: What is 360 feedback?

360 feedback for employee performance is a system where feedback is collected from various sources like managers, peers, and direct reports. It provides a comprehensive view of an individual’s performance, helping to identify strengths and areas for improvement.

Q: What do I need to know before implementing a 360 feedback software?

Before implementing a 360 feedback software, consider the following:

• Organization’s Readiness: Is your organization ready for 360-degree feedback? Do you have executive buy-in and resources?
• Company Culture: Is the culture open, honest, and committed to learning?
• Positioning of 360 Feedback: Be clear on the purpose of 360 feedback in your organization.
• Participants: Who will be involved in the feedback process?
• Feedback Parameters: Define clear guidelines for giving feedback.
• Resources: Do you have the finances and staff to administer the process?

Remember, successful implementation requires careful planning and communication.

Q: What features should I look for in a 360 feedback software?

When selecting a 360 feedback tool, consider the following features:

• User-Friendly Interface: Ensure the software is easy to use for all participants.
• Security and Anonymity: Look for tools that offer secure and anonymous feedback collection.
• Flexibility and Customization: Choose a tool that allows for personalized feedback and customization to your organization’s needs.
• Comprehensive Reporting: The software should provide comprehensive and visually appealing reports to highlight key insights.
• Automation: Seek a tool that automates the feedback collection process and data aggregation to save time and increase efficiency.
• Actionable Insights: Select a tool that provides actionable and personalized feedback to support employee development and growth.

These features will help you choose a 360 feedback tool that best suits your organization’s needs.