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Introducing The Human Success Platform

Growing people who
grow businesses.

Want employees that learn, engage, and perform better?

Meet the Human Success platform: your suite of best-in-class learning, engagement, and performance management tools built for Microsoft 365 and Teams—Learn365, Engage365, and Perform365.

Give every employee the learning they need to perform and progress in their role. Boost engagement with regular check-ins and two-way feedback. Support people in performing up against their goals. The synergy of Learn365, Engage365, and Perform365 unlocks the maximum potential of everyone and sets your organization up for success.

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Learn365: AI-powered learning management

Supercharge growth, streamline compliance and accelerate onboarding with our category-leading LMS.

Built on Microsoft 365 platforms, services, and generative AI technologies, Learn365 is a cloud-based platform that enables organizations to deliver learning where people are already logged in and active – in Teams, SharePoint, Outlook, Viva Learning, or on their mobile devices.

Natively integrated with Microsoft 365 for HR

Engage365: Employee check-ins and feedback made easy

Regular check-ins between employees and managers with two-way feedback boost engagement and ensure everyone is working in alignment. AI-sentiment analysis across check-ins ensures you see the bigger picture and can address people’s engagement intelligently.

Built for Microsoft 365, Teams, and Outlook, Engage365 provides a trusted framework for everyday support to foster well-being and progression towards goals.

real-time feedback

Perform365: Automated Performance Review Software

Support people in staying on their path towards success by providing clarity about goals and how to reach them. Help people be responsible for their own performance and development. Get accurate and AI-powered insights into performance to prepare for the future and act where it counts.

Built for Microsoft 365, Teams, and Outlook, Perform365 makes performance conversations part of your everyday workplace culture.

Your framework for informed conversations

See how it all
comes together.

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Human Success Platform

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FAQ Girl

Q: What is human success?

Human success is what we refer to as maximizing and reaching your highest potential. It goes beyond talent management or Human Capital management by bringing learning, engagement, and performance to each employee and the organization as a whole. Our platform puts people first, knowing that supporting each person to be their best creates an organizational culture of progression, advancement and success.

Q: What are the benefits of the Human Success Platform?

The benefits of the Human Success Platform are having a unique blend of learning, engagement, and performance tools designed for agility and adaptability. Because we are the only platform of our kind built into Microsoft 365, we enable companies to deliver training and career development opportunities in a familiar environment that encourages user adoption and accelerates learning curves. Our Learn365 LMS platform supports diverse learning paths, fostering agile upskilling and reskilling tailored to individual needs. And our Engage365 and Perform365 solutions promote regular, meaningful engagement, facilitating real-time feedback and recognition that drives motivation and performance. See how our entire suite works together to empower human success.

Q: Is this a talent development system?

The Human Success Platform is a talent development system, and so much more. The platform includes an agile learning management system (LMS) as well as advanced performance monitoring and insight tools to create a best-in-class full suite of tools to train, develop, and engage employees. All within the familiar Microsoft 365 workplace toolset.

Q: What is the difference between Human Success and Human Capital Management?

The main differences between Human Success and Human Capital Management are:

  • Human Success (HS) focuses on making sure every employee has the support they need to learn, develop, and perform at their best. Human Capital Management (HCM) refers to the strategic approach of managing an organization’s workforce.
  • HS focuses on empowering employees and businesses to tailor experiences in ways that support their workforce, unleash full potential and improve ROI. HCM aims to maximize the value of an organization’s workforce by aligning human resource strategies with business goals.

Q: Does the Human Success Platform handle performance analytics?

Absolutely! With our Perform365 AI-powered performance analytics, you can:

  • Build a better company culture using weekly trend data with context rather than snapshot surveys
  • See the impact of company events, acquisitions, or world news to predict how your people will react in the future.
  • Identify your most engaged or productive employees and teams to learn what’s working.
  • Track behaviors and engagement over time with insights gathered during your regular Weekly10 check-ins to really pinpoint what’s going on.

Q: How does the Human Success Platform improve employee engagement?

With our human success platform’s AI-powered insights, gamification tools, social learning capabilities, and employee engagement analytics, organizations can transform unmotivated employees into engaged employees that want to stay at the company for years to come. And with flexible course creation tools, a fully accessible Go1 content library, and smooth integration with Microsoft Teams, providing engaging development opportunities for your employees becomes as dynamic and fun as the content itself.