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Engagement And Performance Mobile App

Stay connected with our
employee engagement and performance
mobile app

Whenever and wherever your people work, they’re always connected

Our engagement and performance mobile app makes it easy for your employees to stay in touch with their manager and continue working towards goals with our employee check-in mobile app. It’s frequent but fast, effortless but rewarding.

Whenever and wherever your people work

Engagement and performance, on the go

Engagement and performance tracking

Check-in on the go, wherever and whenever your people work, keeping adoption and interaction high. Giving kudos to peers is available from the mobile app too, encouraging teamwork and peer recognition even when away from the desk.

For Android and iOS

Whether on mobile or tablet, Android or iOS, our mobile app will work across all your devices and allow you and your company to build a better culture anytime, anywhere.

Performance metrics stay front of mind

Keep performance metrics at the forefront for your non-office based teams. Your people update their goal or OKR progress regularly while they complete their Engage365 check-in on their mobile app.

Engagement and performance, on the go

“Gallup reports that highly engaged businesses see an 81% difference in absenteeism and a 14% difference in productivity. It’s pretty simple: engaged employees are more likely to perform at a high level, while high-performing employees tend to see their engagement soar.”

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Top benefits of our mobile app

Understand employee sentiment

Understand employee sentiment

With Engage365, you can gauge employee sentiments, no matter where they work, with our AI-powered analytics. Stay connected and foster a supportive work environment for your workforce.

Connect on goals

Connect on goals

Leverage our mobile app to align and track goals. Enhance collaboration and drive performance, all from your mobile device.

Engage and perform, anywhere

Engage and perform, anywhere

Access a suite of engagement and performance tools via our mobile app. Empower your remote workers and boost productivity, anytime, anywhere.

See how our performance management tool works!

Want to see everything Engage365 can do?

Built for Microsoft 365, Teams, and Outlook, Engage365 provides a best-practice framework for everyday support to foster well-being and aid progress towards goals.

Get the full overview of the capabilities of our category-leading employee engagement software.

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FAQ Girl

Q: Does the mobile app work with Microsoft Teams?

Yes, indeed! Our mobile app integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams. This allows you to check in, give feedback, and drive engagement and performance, all within your favorite workspace.

Q: Is content and data in the mobile app updated real-time?

Absolutely! With our mobile app, you get real-time updates on content and data. Stay aligned on goals and ahead of the curve to make every moment count with our mobile app.