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Performance Insights

The performance
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Performance tracking done right

Do you want to boost your team’s performance and engagement?

Try Perform365, the performance tracking software that helps you set and achieve smart goals, give and receive feedback, recognize achievements, and analyze progress.

Perform365 works with Microsoft Teams, Slack, Salesforce, and more, to make measuring employee performance easy and pain-free in the tools you use every day.

Performance measurement done right

Understand employee performance, fully

Holistic performance insights at the touch of a button

Want to see the challenges your people have faced over the past 6 months? Or perhaps their personal successes over the last 12 weeks. With Perform365, all the data you need is ready for your review at the touch of a button. That includes feedback you’ve given, OKR tracking, pass-ups, 360 feedback, and peer recognition.

Identify best-practice performance

Easily compare the sentiment of teams that are over-performing to those that are lagging. Is it a blip or a steady decline, an isolated case or company-wide? Employee engagement trend data helps you to understand the root cause and make decisions based on facts not speculation. It gives you the data you need to make changes for a quick result.

Spot emerging talent

Our Engage365 check-in software delivers rich employee feedback and performance tracking insights at a regular cadence that helps you spot where your best people are, no matter where or how they work. Use our ready-made dashboard to get the overview you need to plan out career paths and identify who needs support all thanks to regular, timely feedback and continuous performance management.

Streamlined succession planning

There’s way more to succession planning than 9-box or talent mapping. Get a more holistic picture of your future leaders by layering regular manager insights, peer feedback, and 360 feedback with performance conversations and goal tracking. Then plot your people’s potential to see where their strengths lie versus company strategy to identify where skills might need to be developed or hired.

Understand employee performance, fully

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

“Perform365 sets up an effective employee feedback loop between our staff and our clients which allows us to measure performance in a way that is less intrusive for our employees and allows for a more self-regulated approach to performance management.”

Top benefits of our performance measurement software

Holistic overview

Holistic performance view

Leverage Perform365’s vast data from check-ins and feedback to understand your team’s performance holistically.

Identify top teams

Identify top teams

Understand what sets the best performing teams apart. Utilize performance measurement tools to learn from data and replicate success across teams.

Proactive succession planning

Proactive succession planning

Identify and nurture future talent for succession planning. Perform365 provides data-driven performance insights for effective talent management.

See our performance management tool in action!

“When it comes to performance management and employee development, there is a clear link between the two. Improving employees should be a primary focus of your performance strategy. And yet, too often, that’s exactly what many organizations are missing.”

How performance management SHOULD improve the skills of an employee

Ready to unlock the full potential of Perform365?

Designed for Microsoft 365, Teams, and Outlook, our performance management software is packed with features to support, engage, and inspire your team.

From our 360 feedback tool to performance review tools, OKR tracking, SMART goal-setting capabilities, and a mobile app, there’s so much more to explore.

Let’s redefine what’s possible with Perform365.

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FAQ Girl

Q: What is the purpose of performance measurement and monitoring?

Performance measurement and monitoring provide valuable performance insights. They help evaluate progress towards goals, improve accountability, decision-making, and employee engagement. These insights can also enhance resource allocation and identify areas for improvement.

Q: How do performance monitoring tools integrate with existing management systems in an organization?

Performance monitoring tools such as Perform365 can be integrated with other management systems, making it easier for organizations to incorporate the platform into their existing processes.

Perform365 also offers integrations with Microsoft 365, Outlook, and Slack. These integrations allow for a seamless experience and help streamline HR processes, enhancing employee engagement and performance management.

Q: How do performance monitoring tools adapt to different industry standards and regulations?

Performance monitoring tools, like Perform365, are easily adaptable to different industry standards and regulations by incorporating compliance monitoring. They ensure that their features and functionalities align with the specific rules and regulations of various industries.