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Employee Engagement Tool

The employee engagement
software for Microsoft 365
and Teams

Engage365—the employee engagement tool built into Microsoft 365

Elevate and improve engagement with the Engage365 employee check-in, providing quality employee insights without pulse surveys. Regular check-ins between employees and their manager boost engagement. Ensure everyone is working in alignment with two-way feedback. AI sentiment analysis across check-ins ensure you see the larger picture and can address people engagement intelligently.

Built for Microsoft 365, Teams, and Outlook, Engage365 provides a framework for success through everyday support. Foster well-being and aid progress towards employee goals that impact the entire organization.

real-time feedback

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Lack feedback

79% of employees feel they don’t get enough feedback.

Check in with employees


Expect weekly feedback

42% of people under 35 expect manager feedback at least once per week.

Provide quality feedback


Would invest more in work

69% of employees say they would work harder if they felt their efforts were being recognized through feedback.

Shout out good work

Check in with your people in Microsoft Teams, where they’re already logged in to work

Engage365 is completely integrated with Microsoft Teams. Add our employee engagement software to your Microsoft Teams environment to make the regular check-ins a natural part of people’s workday.

Single sign-on (SSO) with Engage365 in Microsoft Teams means your people have one less password to remember and your data stays secure.

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What is employee engagement?

Employee engagement refers to the emotional commitment and connection that individuals have with their work and organization. Engagement goes beyond the fulfillment of job responsibilities and reflects a deep sense of involvement, enthusiasm, and dedication.

Engaged employees are more likely to contribute their best efforts, demonstrate loyalty, and actively participate in the achievement of organizational goals. Learn more about employee engagement and it’s close connection to job performance in our article below. Explore the benefits of having engaged and high-performing employees, the factors that influence them, and how our Human Success Platform can help you measure and enhance them with ease.

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FAQ Girl

Q: What is a workforce management platform?

A workforce management platform is a software solution that helps organizations streamline and organize the deployment of their workforce efficiently, enabling employee and manager self-service, and ensuring employee safety. Employee engagement tools can also help streamline organizational structuring, but is more focused on the supporting and monitoring of employee engagement within a company.

Q: How does employee engagement relate to productivity?

Employee engagement is directly linked to productivity and job performance. Engaged employees are more likely to be consistently productive, leading to a high-performing workforce and improved organizational success. Companies with high employee engagement are also more profitable and have higher customer satisfaction.

Q: Which is the best employee management software?

The best employee management software varies based on specific needs. However, if you are already working within the Microsoft 365 suite of tools, using an employee engagement software like Engage365 is a top option, given its native integration with Microsoft Teams. See our integrations here.

Q: What employee management tools does Engage365 offer?

Engage365 offers employee engagement measurement tools that includes regular check-ins, recognition, and employee visibility. HR leaders can also access insights into team and company sentiment insights. The platform is accessible on web, mobile, Slack, and Microsoft, and is designed to boost productivity through employee engagement.


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Provide clarity about goals and how people will reach them. Support employees along their path toward success.