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Workplace Engagement Insights

Understand employee
sentiment with workplace
engagement insights

Want to make decisions with real-time engagement data?

Engage365 tells you the pulse of your people through AI-powered employee sentiment analysis without cumbersome surveys. Your people’s sentiment and engagement insights come from the updates employees submit as part of their regular check-ins. We take the context and tone of voice, turning that into a score you can measure.

Employees feel seen and heard. That’s because they’re not completing a survey. They’re starting a two-way conversation between them and their manager. All while building their portfolio of performance successes. Sentiment is a by-product of their check-in.

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Actionable insights to improve engagement

Understand how people are really feeling

AI analyzes the context and tone of voice of updates people submit as part of their check-in, turning that into a score you can measure against 5 key pillars of feeling engaged at work.

Improve team engagement

Compare insights across teams and regions and use these insights to understand what’s working and what’s not. This allows you to make swift changes that can help your organization avoid major fallouts.

Trends can predict future behavior

Use employee insights trend data to predict future engagement and behaviors. Tracking behaviors and engagement over time enables you to see the impact of company events, acquisitions, or world news to predict how your people will react in the future.

AI-powered insights for better decision-making

Insights from across their team help managers act when it’s needed, while strategic business decisions can be made based on AI-powered sentiment analysis from across the organization.

Data at your fingertips with our Copilot integration

Zensai’s integration with Microsoft Copilot means that sentiment data can be accessed and processed by Copilot. Ask Microsoft Copilot about the sentiment across the organization and get the insights you need to inform your decisions. And don’t worry, all data is safely processed and only served to the people with the appropriate permission levels.

Actionable insights to improve engagement

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

“The CEO at one of my clients was impressed with the engagement insights in the analytics dashboards. They’re easy to read and show you clearly what needs to be improved, and how to do it.”

Top benefits of our workplace engagement insights

Uncover employee sentiment

Uncover employee sentiment

Our employee sentiment insights provides a comprehensive understanding of how your team members are feeling, allowing you to address their concerns and improve engagement.

Compare, analyze, and get clarity

Compare, analyze, and get clarity

By comparing team results, you can identify what drives engagement and replicate successful strategies across your organization.

Predictive engagement insights

Predictive engagement insights

Predict future drops in engagement with Engage365’s trend analytics, which analyze long-term patterns to give you a clearer picture of your team's emotional state.

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“Spend much time researching employee engagement, and you’ll eventually come across the term eNPS. It can be a useful enough metric, but people often seem to conflate it with employee engagement in general. So, is eNPS a good measure of employee engagement, or is this confusion just muddling an already broad term?”

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Want to see more of Engage365?

Built for Microsoft 365, Teams, and Outlook, Engage365 offers a best-practice framework for everyday support, fostering well-being and progress towards goals.

With features like employee recognition, engagement insights, and regular check-ins, Engage365 empowers your people to boost engagement, identify hidden talents, and celebrate great teamwork. See how Engage365is built to help your organization succeed.

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FAQ Girl

Q: How do workplace engagement insights integrate with existing HR management systems?

Engage365’s workplace engagement insights can integrate with existing HR management systems through various means. The general process involves integrating Engage365 with the chosen HR system to ensure seamless data flow and unified insights. Integration through application programming interfaces (APIs) connects the two systems, allowing for the exchange of relevant employee engagement and performance data. By doing so, organizations can leverage the benefits of Engage365’s employee check-ins and performance management software within their existing HR infrastructure, enabling a holistic approach to employee engagement and performance management.

Q: Does Engage365 support workplace engagement insights for remote workers?

Yes, indeed! Engage365 provides valuable workplace engagement insights for remote and frontline workers. through our dedicated mobile app. It’s a fantastic tool for maintaining connection and fostering a culture of recognition, no matter where your team is located.

Q: Can I also see performance insights of my employees?

Absolutely! With Perform365’s performance management software, you can gain detailed insights into your employees’ engagement and performance, enabling you to understand their progress, align goals, and provide timely feedback. It’s designed to empower both employees and managers, making performance conversations an integral part of your workplace culture.