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LMS For Manufacturing

Enhance security and
compliance training with
an LMS for manufacturing

Why use an LMS for manufacturing training?

In the fast-paced world of production, compliance training is non-negotiable. It’s not just about ticking boxes; it’s about safeguarding your workforce and reducing risks on the factory floor.

With a manufacturing LMS like Learn365, administrators can automate compliance, stay audit-ready, and empower your team to thrive safely.

LMS for Manufacturing

Deliver, track, and report on mandatory training of manufacturing teams


Work in your familiar environment

Learn365 is the best LMS for manufacturing if you want to learn in a familiar environment. With the built-in Microsoft 365 integration, Learn365 works seamlessly with apps like SharePoint, Teams, and Viva, ensuring training is accessible everywhere on any device, so you can get back to the factory floor, maintain production, and reduce training costs.

Customized Learning

Course and content management

With Learn365 course and management tool, you can build customized courses for your training or import SCORM and AICC packages to offer training tailored to your technicians and consultants. Add safety training like OSHA 10/30, First Aid, Silica, fall protection, and PPE.

Mobile app

Learn and train on the go

With the Learn365 mobile app, all important security training and compliance certifications are just a click away, and progress is synced across platforms so training can begin at the desk and can be finished on the phone. Complete training, anytime, anywhere, and always stay up to date.

Tracking and reporting

Get the data your L&Ds need

Make your L&Ds save time on administrative work with advanced analytics and tracking tools. With Microsoft Power BI in Learn365, you can visualize and report learning data with ready-made reports and track learner activity with the advanced audit trail tool.


Stay safe and secure

Deliver compliance and soft skills training to all employees and minimize the risk of accidents on the floor and in production with dedicated Microsoft 365 tools. Learn365 offers security training and advanced features through Microsoft Entra like single sign-on, data encryption, and two-factor authentication.

User management

Automate compliance processes

Automatically register employees for necessary compliance training, add renewal alerts in Teams, and present any certification card for inspector requests. With Learn365, compliance training you can improve compliance and meet rapidly changing regulations.

Empower your manufacturing team with training that helps them work safer and more successfully.


See regulatory compliance as critical

The Thomson Reuters Risk & Compliance Survey Report found that 70% of corporate risk and compliance professionals have noticed a shift from check-the-box compliance to a more strategic approach.

Security and compliance training


Invested brings $30 ROI

Highlighted by The eLearning Blog, every dollar invested in learning and training results in a minimum of a $30 productivity gain! This shows the overall business impact effective training can have.

Customized learning management


Say compliance impacts decisions

A report by Navex Global showed 83% of risk and compliance professionals said that keeping their organization compliant and well-skilled was absolutely essential in decision-making processes.

Skill development

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

“Learn365 has helped us to deliver training to a wider audience than ever before. It is essential for us and for our customers that we improve the technicians' level of technical knowledge. Having a highly qualified service provider network reduces costs and ensures smooth everyday operations across the world.”

Got questions?
We've got answers!

FAQ Girl

Q: What does LMS stand for in manufacturing?

LMS stands for “Learning Management System” in the context of manufacturing and many other industries. It is a software application that makes it possible to create, manage, and track online training of employees.

Q: Why do manufacturing companies need an LMS?

When you are working with highly advanced industrial machines and equipment, you need to minimize the risk of accidents, production errors, and machine failures. With a manufacturing LMS like Learn365, you can offer the right training and transfer of experience and knowledge between employees.

Q: What is the most important feature of an LMS in manufacturing?

With Learn365, you can deliver accessible safety training and track the progress of employees, so they stay well-trained, safe, and up-to-date on your industry requirements. With the full integration into Microsoft 365, the installation and onboarding are completed in just a few hours.

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