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Employee Check-in Software

Blend engagement and
performance with an
employee check-in

Build a culture of trust with our employee check-in software

Our employee check-in creates the regular space and time for your people to boost their engagement and performance. And it only takes 10 minutes.

Employees are reminded to conduct their check-in regularly, answering questions related to their current workload, collaboration, and potential blockers, and leaving space for their manager to respond and give feedback, quickly.

Build a culture of trust with our check-in software

Use two-way feedback to connect

Consistent, real-time feedback

The employee check-in makes it easier and quicker to give and receive feedback that’s specific and timely. This builds trust and deepens your employees’ sense of belonging. Employee check-ins also give you real-time insights into company mood so you, your managers, and senior leaders can resolve issues before they escalate.

Continuous support

A regular employee check-in means you are recording personal successes, challenges, and goal progress every time you check in through our software. This reduces time and anxiety around performance reviews because of continuous 2-way feedback between you and your manager. Our Engage365 check-in software moves you away from traditional performance reviews to best-practice, continuous performance management.

Early warning system

Check-ins work as an early warning system for when things aren’t quite right. The regular updates help managers to quickly see small changes in behavior or productivity that would otherwise go unnoticed.

AI-coached manager feedback

Managers can rely on the Zensai AI coach to get guidance on how to provide productive and non-judgemental feedback to employees. They are also assisted in formulating the feedback to ensure grammatically correct and clear responses.

Use two-way feedback to connect

Ready for increased employee engagement with AI coaching and sentiment analysis?

The right attention and guidance from managers is a decisive factor for employee engagement. The Zensai coach and assistant help managers improve their coaching capabilities and respond constructively to raised questions and concerns.

Each employee check-in is analyzed for tone and sentiment using AI. This means you can leverage data from a vast amount of qualitative content from the regular check-ins to show how the people in your company are really feeling and performing.

Find the insights in your engagement dashboards to make decisions based on trends, rather than on impulse or snapshot feedback. All while keeping check-in details private between manager and employee.

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Ready for engaged and productive employees?

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

“We’re able to spot potential issues quickly, before they can escalate. That’s what sentiment tracking has enabled us to do.”

“Engage365 facilitates really powerful conversations around performance and development. As well as instant visibility to how people are feeling. And how they can be better supported by their manager.”

"I wish we’d found Engage365 sooner! Our people feel heard and valued in a way they didn’t before. Conversations between our managers and their teams happen regularly and are more forward looking."

Top benefits of our employee check-in software

Frequent, lightweight check-ins

Frequent, lightweight check-ins

Employees stay connected effortlessly with Engage365 software with frequent, light-weight check-ins. Managers gain real-time insights into employee engagement, fostering regular, meaningful conversations.

Manager touch points

Manager touch points

Our employee check-in software provides a best-practice framework for touch points, enhancing communication and creating a supportive, performance-driven culture.

Analyze check-in data

Analyze check-in data

Engage365 enables managers to analyze employee data across frequent check-ins, offering a comprehensive view of engagement, performance, and actionable insights for strategic decision-making.

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“An employee check-in is a quick but structured way to give your manager a snapshot of how your week has gone. It focuses on your day-to-day experiences and progress, but doesn’t replace face-to-face discussion. Instead, it makes your formal 1:1 meetings more effective because they’re not bogged down in the daily details.”

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Ready to unlock the full potential of Engage365?

Designed for Microsoft 365, Teams, and Outlook, Engage365 is more than just a platform – it’s your partner in fostering well-being and propelling progress toward goals.

Experience the power of our leading-edge employee engagement software. Dive into a world of features that are crafted to support, engage, and inspire. With our employee check-in software, you’re not just managing – you’re transforming. Let’s redefine what’s possible with Engage365.

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FAQ Girl

Q: How do you run a 1 on 1 meeting in Engage365?

Engage365, a leading one one-on-one meeting software, empowers you to run more effective meetings. Set an agenda, prepare questions, and foster open conversations to drive engagement and performance. All management happens in one platform and is connected through your favorite meeting tools, like Microsoft Teams.

Q: What is an employee check-in software?

An employee check-in software, like Engage365, is a game-changer in the modern workplace. It’s a platform that facilitates regular, light-weight status updates authored by individual employees. This software makes these updates easier to write and more useful to consume. It’s designed to keep teams connected, foster open communication, and provide insights into employee engagement and performance. So, whether your team is in the office or spread across different time zones, employee check-in software ensures everyone stays in sync and engaged.

Q: Can I use data on performance and training in the check ins?

Absolutely! Our ‘Check-in activity’ data dashboard provides a simple overview of how often your people are checking in, how different departments or teams compare, and whether or not managers are reviewing check-ins. This data can be extremely useful for managing check-in participation, spotting any issues that need to be resolved, and tracking performance and training progress.