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LMS Tracking and Reporting

Track learning progress
and use data to improve
learning outcomes

Understand how your training is performing


Get details on learning progress, certifications, and skills through ready-made dashboards available in our training tracking software.

Granular data

Download granular learning data to Microsoft Excel and dive into training insights.

Custom reports

Create custom reports by leveraging the advanced analytics of Power BI. Specifically, compare how teams are progressing with their learning and identify skill gaps for teams, departments, or your entire organization.

Understand how your training is performing

Document system activity with Learn365 Audit Trail

Learn365 Audit Trail is a powerful tool that tracks system activities, ensuring the trustworthiness and accuracy of learner transcripts.

Provide valuable insights into learner records

  • Enrollment and unenrollment dates
  • Training start and completion dates
  • Course content interaction and completion
  • Skill acquisition dates
  • Training, training sessions, and content creation and updates
  • Role assignments

Overall, this comprehensive tracking helps with regulatory compliance and integrating LMS data into Power BI for more advanced analysis. It also aids course management and troubleshooting.

Audit trail tracking

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

“No doubt reporting and visibility has made a substantial difference in what we do. That feature alone was worth the reasonable cost of Microsoft 365.”

“[Our employees] have this one-stop-shop now, so they no longer have to go through eight different steps or hunt down what training they’ve missed in order to enroll. They just have to sign in and go to their ‘My Dashboard’ area. It’s intuitive and easy to use.”

Top benefits of our LMS reporting and tracking

Ready-made dashboards

Ready-made dashboards

Learn365 offers ready-made training dashboards that help HR and L&D professionals track course completion, assess course performance, and validate learning program ROI.

Custom Power BI reports

Custom Power BI reports

Seamless integration with Power BI enables you to create reports tailored to your organization's specific needs. Plus, use your LMS reporting data to enhance analysis and get detailed insights into training performance.

Audit trail tracking

Audit trail tracking

Learn365’s audit trail feature ensures that all training-related activities are recorded and can be traced, providing a transparent and accountable learning environment.

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Experience a seamless blend of AI capabilities and comprehensive learning management. Firstly, dive into our top-tier online course platform and learning management system (LMS). Then, discover the plethora of features that enable organizations like yours to soar to new heights.

Agile LMS tracking in Microsoft 365

Nevertheless, with Learn365’s robust LMS reporting and tracking features, you’re not just managing learning – you’re mastering it. Redefine what’s possible with Learn365.

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Got questions?
We've got answers!

FAQ Girl

Q: How do I connect my data with a BI tool?

Connecting data from your BI tool in Learn365 is simple with our native Power BI integration. You can also connect your Learn365 data with other BI tools, by using the OData service. Furthermore, transform your raw data into actionable insights and elevate your learning strategy to drive impactful outcomes with our LMS training tracking software. See our step-by-step guide on how to connect your data with BI tools here.

Q: Can I track activity in Teams?

Yes, you can track activity in Teams with Learn365. Chiefly, the Learn365 app for Microsoft Teams allows you to access corporate learning from your preferred platform, interact with the LMS365 chatbot for personalized training recommendations, and offers Teams tracking of courses and training plans. Hence, this integration enables you to deliver, manage, and spotlight learning with the Microsoft tools you already use every day.

Q: Can I import data from other platforms?

Yes, you can import data from other platforms to Learn365. Also, we offer import and migration services as an add-on, and our API enables integration with a host of third-party applications. Additionally, Learn365’s app for Microsoft Teams allows you to access corporate learning from your preferred platform and collaborate with colleagues without leaving Teams.

Q: Can learning insights result in higher engagement among employees?

Yes, learning insights can result in higher engagement among employees. Undoubtedly, engaged learners are motivated to learn and willing to put in the effort required to acquire new skills. Thus, when learners are engaged, they are more likely to retain information and apply it to real-life situations, leading to better job performance and higher productivity.

Measuring learner engagement provides insights into the effectiveness of the learning program and helps identify areas that require improvement, such as course content or delivery methods. Plus, by leveraging Learn365’s LMS reporting and tracking features, you can gain valuable insights into your employees’ learning experiences and foster a more engaging and productive work environment.