In this example case using the fictional customer Compafi, we’ll demonstrate how managers can receive guided support in their employee communications and team leadership with the AI-powered employee check-ins inside Engage365.

Gemma, a Product Owner at Compafi, manages a team of 12 engineers. To foster open communication and address challenges promptly, Gemma utilizes Engage365’s weekly check-in system.

AI employee check-in tools that make a difference

Each Friday, Gemma’s team members, including a direct report named Theo, complete customizable check-ins within Microsoft Teams. These check-ins cover key questions such as:

  • What did you accomplish this week?
  • Are there any blockers?
  • Which teammates would you like to give kudos to this week?
  • How are you doing?

Gemma then reviews the check-in responses and provides constructive, actionable feedback with the help of Engage365’s AI-powered features:

  1. Rewrite with AI: Ensures clear, error-free communication
  2. Check-In Coaching: Provides instant recommendations for optimal responses
  3. Check-In Themes: Identifies trending issues across team check-ins

AI manager support when it’s needed

In this scenario, Theo flags a blocker related to team coordination. Let’s take a closer look at the check-in process between Gemma and Theo.

AI-powered employee check-ins

“I’ve had a hard time with team coordination on this project. It seems like we are missing some team alignment in this area. Can you help me identify my next step?”

As a team leader, Gemma is excited by Theo openly sharing insight into his blocker. It’s a benefit to the entire team’s productivity and cohesion whenever feedback is shared. Next, she wants to respond in an optimal way for Theo to feel seen, understood, and clear on what to do next.

With Check-In Coaching, Gemma is equipped with instant recommendations from AI. A pop-up appears with key points on how to respond.

In this case, the Check-In Coaching feature has reminded Gemma to acknowledge Theo’s communication as beneficial and to ensure that Theo knows how to proceed.

AI manager support

Gemma types up her response to Theo’s check-in feedback. To further refine her message, Gemma utilizes the Rewrite with AI feature, which fine-tunes her response while maintaining the human element. This feature checks for any grammar errors and refines the text to make it as clear as possible.

Knowing how important clear communication is as a manager dealing with a conflict, Gemma is grateful for this AI-powered feature in Zensai’s Learn365 because it gives her added assurance that her managerial response is optimal.

After a click of a button, Gemma’s response is fine-tuned by AI, but still leads with an irreplaceable human element to the communication.

Empowering managers with AI insights

Gemma also reviews the Check-In Themes feature to identify recurring issues across her team’s check-ins over the past two months. This AI-powered insight reveals a trend of team alignment challenges, prompting Gemma to refine project management processes within her team. The insights that the Check-In Themes feature grants Gemma in seconds could take many hours or days for an individual manager to access manually.

By leveraging Engage365’s AI-powered employee check-ins, Gemma can:

  • Provide timely, personalized feedback to each team member
  • Identify and address recurring challenges more efficiently
  • Foster a culture of open communication and collaboration
  • Empower her team to achieve their goals and perform at their best

Fostering human success with AI-powered employee check-ins

Engage365’s AI employee check-in tools and manager support features empower managers like Gemma to streamline communication, boost team productivity, and drive organizational success.

Going forward, Gemma is excited to see a more positive trend over time from her team’s check-ins, signaling that the right actions taken on feedback lead to more engaged and higher-performing employees.

And that’s human success!