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Performance Management System

The performance
management software for
Microsoft 365 and Teams

Perform365—the performance management software built into Microsoft 365

Support success by offering clear goals and an efficient check-in process. Foster self-accountability among employees for performance and development. Make it possible for managers to identify high performers and address concerns proactively.

Built for Microsoft 365, Teams, and Outlook, Perform365 makes quality, connective performance conversations part of your everyday workplace culture.

Your framework for informed conversations

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Less likely to churn

23% of employees who left a job within six months said clearer guidelines on their responsibilities would have helped them stay.

Give clear feedback


Increase in earnings

Companies that effectively do workforce planning (adapting to the market, planning for the future, aligning people with business objectives) see a 10% increase in earnings.

Plan workforce development


Progress towards goals

Employees #1 motivation to learn and upskill is to make progress towards career goals.

Set OKRs and SMART goals

Looking to set and track goals in Microsoft Teams?

Perform365 is a performance management system completely integrated with Microsoft Teams. Add performance software to your Teams environment to make goal setting and tracking a natural part of employees’ workflow.

Single sign-on (SSO) with Perform365 in Microsoft Teams means your people have one less password to remember and your data stays secure.

Clear SMART goal setting

What is performance management?

Performance management involves planning, monitoring, and evaluating your employees’ performance. This ensures alignment with organizational goals. It encompasses various processes such as setting clear objectives, providing feedback, and conducting regular assessments.

By fostering communication between employees and management, performance management systems are used to enhance individual and collective productivity, and identify areas for improvement. They can also recognize and reward achievements.

Want to learn how to have more effective performance conversations?

More than ticking off a yearly checklist, these conversations are about creating a culture of open communication, developing individual skills, and fostering employee engagement and success. See how you can maximize these conversations and put your team on top.

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FAQ Girl

Q: What is an example of performance management?

An example of performance management is the use of a performance evaluation system or performance evaluation software. These tools enable organizations to monitor, manage, and improve strategy execution and the delivery of results. Performance management involves measuring, reporting, and managing progress from individuals to the organization as a whole, to improve performance. Examples of performance management processes or tools include performance appraisals, key performance indicators (KPIs), and management dashboards.

Q: Who uses a performance management software?

Most commonly, HR departments and business organizations use specific HR performance management software or corporate performance management software to streamline performance evaluations, provide continuous feedback, set and track employee goals, and recognize and reward top performers. This software helps manage the entire performance management process, from goal setting to performance measurement and feedback, leading to improved employee engagement and organizational success.

Q: Can you use a performance management software for employee reviews?

Yes, performance management software can be used for employee reviews. Perform365’s performance management software includes regular check-ins, recognition, feedback, and employee reviews. With our software, we equip managers with data-driven insights for personalized, development-focused discussions and make employee development goals a reality. Dive into the last 12 weeks of personal successes or the past 6 months of development challenges—all at the touch of a button.


Supercharge personal growth, streamline compliance, and accelerate onboarding with our category-leading LMS.


Ensure people feel valued and engaged with the employee check-in, a framework for regular two-way feedback, coaching, and recognition.