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LMS for Law and Legal

Automate and track legal
training with a law LMS

Why use an LMS for law and legal training?

Elevate your legal expertise, streamline compliance training, and empower your team with our tailored platform.

With Learn365, you can track, manage, and enhance legal training, ensuring that your team is always up-to-date with the latest legal standards and practices. All this in a familiar environment with the full integration of the Microsoft 365 suite.


Upskill your employees in a familiar environment

Course and content

Build custom legal training

Access courses and off-the-shelf training content for legally regulated areas. In the Learn365 Content Creator you can also import content of your choice via SCORM and AICC packages.


Reduce administration tasks

Shrink costs on operating secure learning and reduce your administrative tasks. Learn365 is fully integrated with Microsoft Azure Cloud and allows you to connect with your HRIS solution, EPR system, CRM data, and more.

Mobile app

Upskill on the go

Bring training everywhere and anywhere – with the Learn365 Mobile App, attorneys, and law professionals can learn on the go and always stay up to date. Enroll employees for training, access learning data and keep an eye on CEUs and leaderboards, and more.


Monitor training progress

With the integrated Power BI tracking and analysis tools, our LMS for law helps legal and law firms easily keep track of legal training progress in just a few clicks. Ensure your team is progressing as needed, identifying any areas for additional support and training.

Law pilot - content icon

Provide regulated legal training

With Learn365, legal organizations can offer employees regulated and packaged courses covering data protection, information security, and legal policies. Ensure your team is well-versed in crucial areas, enhancing their competency and your organization's compliance.

Certifications & Compliance

Automate registration and certifications

Show proof of compliance and stay audit-ready with Learn365, the leading law enforcement LMS. Enjoy automated registration of legal training and seamless delivery of course certifications once employees complete training. Simplify compliance and let your team focus on what they do best.

Don’t just keep up; get ahead and thrive with Learn365.


Of firms invest in performance tech

According to a survey published in 2020 by the Thomson Reuters Institute, 72% of law firms said their investment priorities are on technology that optimizes attorney performance.

Performance management tools


Of legal teams are digitally prepared

Research by Gartner found that only 19% of in-house legal teams are well-prepared to support enterpise digital transformation.

Upskill your workforce

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

“As we are a nearly 100% remote capable organization, we need solutions that reach all over the globe. Learn365 is used by the entire organization to meet our onboarding and compliance training needs, as well as for development in leaders, employee capabilities, and more.”

Got questions?
We've got answers!

FAQ Girl

Q: Can you collaborate in online training of law professionals?

You bet. Learn365 not only streamlines and tracks training but also opens for collaborative learning. It ensures consistent and comprehensive training delivery while enabling law professionals to share insights, discuss complex cases, and work together on training, enhancing their learning experience and ensuring compliance with regulations.

Q: Can Learn365 accommodate unique training requirements of employees within legal and law?

Absolutely! Our Learning Management Platform can be tailored to meet specific training needs including courses from lawpilots, legally regulated areas of data protection, IT security, the California Consumer Privacy Act, or any third-party content provider you prefer.

Q: Can an LMS for law integrate with other systems within a law firm?

Indeed, Learn365 seamlessly integrates with third-party applications and systems like CRMs, ERPs, and Quality Management tools. Simply bring your content and data seamlessly via SCORM & AICC packages.

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