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HRIS and HCM Integrations For LMS – Integrate365

Automate your HR processes
with our LMS integrations for
HRIS and HCM platforms

Zensai’s Integrate365 connects you with 60+ HCM and HRIS suites

By connecting Learn365 and your HR platform, your employee data will always be up-to-date and synced across platforms. No errors or manual updates are required. 

Integrate365 is our solution for HRIS and HCM integrations that provide the seamless exchange of data from your HR platform to our learning management platform. This integration
automates the synchronization of employee data, reduces errors, and increases HR productivity.

HRIS and HCM integrations for lms

Benefits of Integrate365

Enhanced reporting and decision-making

Create reports based on insights from across the platforms enabling you to get comprehensive insights into training effectiveness and its impact on various HR metrics such as employee performance, turnover, and engagement.

One source of truth for people data

New employees, new titles, new manager, no problem. With Integrate365, a daily automatic sync ensures your employee data is always up-to-date and synced across your HRIS and Learn365 platform. By synchronizing data between LMS and HRIS/HCM systems, organizations minimize manual data entry, reduce errors, and saving time.

Keep platforms connected

Combining data from LMS and HRIS/HCM systems offers a holistic view of employee engagement and performance, enabling better identification of skill gaps and tailored development plans. This supports continuous improvement and career growth for employees. 

HRIS Integration

“When learning data is spread across multiple platforms, it can be difficult to access and analyze. This can make it difficult for organizations to track learner progress and identify areas for improvement. By centralizing data storage and management, organizations can make it easier to access and analyze learning data and save money on data storage and management costs.” 

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Zensai’s Integrate365 is Compatible with Leading HR Systems for Seamless LMS Integration

With Integrate365, our HRIS and HCM integrations for LMS are compatible with a range of popular HR systems. 

workday Oracle HCM integrations for LMS UKG HCM integrations for LMS ADP HCM integrations for LMS
bamboo HR HRIS integrations for LMS HI Bob HRIS integrations for LMS deel HRIS integrations for LMS Personio

“By integrating with more than 60 HRIS and HCM systems, we enable our customers to connect Learn365 with their HR platform and sync people data across their HR ecosystem with all the advantages this entails: less admin work, up-to-date records, better reporting, connection between platforms, and an overall smoother experience for their teams.”

Get Started with Integrate365 and Connect Your HRIS Suite With Our LMS

Ready to simplify your HR and learning operations? Contact us to learn more about our HRIS integration capabilities for LMS and how they can benefit your organization. 

HRIS integrations for lms