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How can Learn365 give you the content library software you need to succeed?

Our built-in integration with Go1 and LinkedIn Learning gives you access to the world’s largest curated online learning libraries from top training providers directly from Learn365.

Thus, you can create and launch industry and subject-specific learning content for your organization in minutes. So more time is spent on delivering learning and less on churning through administration.

Go1 LMS content library

LMS content at your fingertips

Search, choose, and launch in seconds

Explore content via our intuitive interface to find the exact course you need, import with a single move, and launch to learners in minutes.

Best and latest knowledge

Deliver the latest compliance training, industry-specific learning, and best practice professional development resources to your organization. Because expert content is constantly being updated, you can easily ensure your course catalogs are a reliable source of timely and relevant learning.

Curate industry and subject-specific learning

Our content collaboration partners provide the content you need to deliver learning that is specific to your industry and learning requirements.

An integrated part of Learn365

Once imported, courses are an integrated part of the Learn365 framework. Additionally, you can customize settings, add target audiences, combine courses into training pathways, and track training progress.

How can Learn365 give you the content

Add Go1 to your Learn365 subscription

Our partnership with Go1 enables you to provide your organization with seamless access to the world’s largest LMS content library from leading content providers.

Because of this, you can explore more about the transformative Go1 learning ecosystem and see how you can leverage their best-in-class content in your Learn365 environment.

Looking to develop your workforce with LinkedIn Learning?

Our built-in integration enables you to import courses from LinkedIn Learning’s extensive online learning library with over 20,000 courses and publish them in Learn365 course catalogs to relevant audiences in moments.

Access LMS content easily

So, are you ready to see how you can supercharge learning and skill development with quality content from LinkedIn Learning?

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It

“Learn365 has changed the way we learn at Marabu. It’s so easy to use and manage. It’s supported us through our digital transformation and all the way through the pandemic. Now, Go1 content is increasing the learning opportunities for all our employees. Learn365 has made a real difference.”

“The biggest benefit of working with Learn365 and Go1 is the ease of use and the expanded content library. It absolutely has been the right decision for our team. We increased our training hours by 40%.”

Top benefits of our LMS content library

Get the world’s best

Leverage direct access to the world's largest curated online learning libraries from top training providers directly from Learn365.

Curate learning and training

Make your learning environment unique and engaging by curating your course catalog to include industry and subject-specific content.

Integrate and customize

Courses from content libraries are completely integrated with Learn365 and can be customized in any way.

Want to know more? Request a 1:1 Meeting

“Immersive learning goes beyond the limitations of conventional classroom or e-learning experiences, enabling individuals to engage in realistic, interactive, and experiential training simulations that mimic real-world scenarios. Easily implement such immersive learning with Learn365’s integration with extended reality provider, SynergyXR.”

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Want to see what else Learn365 can do?

Welcome a super fusion of AI powers and end-to-end learning management. Therefore, you can say goodbye to lengthy spreadsheets and tedious processes.

Your one-stop-shop for quality LMS content

Get the full overview of our category-leading content library software and learning management system (LMS) and explore the many features that empower organizations like yours to unlock human success.

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Got questions?
We've got answers!

FAQ Girl

How does a content library software work?

Content library software, such as Learn365’s integration with Go1 and LinkedIn Learning, provides access to a vast array of digital learning content. This integration allows users to seamlessly add highly engaging digital learning content from these libraries, enhancing the learning experience and ensuring relevant, up-to-date training content is readily available. Simultaneously, this integration simplifies the process of accessing and incorporating a wide range of learning resources. Ultimately, this benefits organizations of all sizes by increasing efficiency, saving time and money, and keeping employees more engaged and connected.

Where can I find my Go1 and LinkedIn Learning courses?

To find your Go1 and LinkedIn Learning courses in Learn365, follow these steps:

  • Firstly, access the Learn365 Admin Center.
  • Then, go to Training Management and click “Create training.”
  • Next, in the Learning Module Builder, click on “Add Content” and select “Go1” or “LinkedIn Learning” from the list of content providers.
  • Further, you can browse the available courses and select the ones you want to add to your course.
  • Lastly, customize the course content as needed and publish the course.

Furthermore, by following these steps, you can easily access and incorporate Go1 and LinkedIn Learning courses into your Learn365 courses, providing a diverse range of content for your learners.

Can I add my own content in the LMS content library in Learn365?

Yes, you can add your own content in the content library in Learn365. Also, the platform allows you to create courses directly within the platform, using the Learning Module Builder. Additionally, this tool enables you to add various types of content, such as documents, images, videos, quizzes, and more, to create engaging courses for your learners.

Altogether, Learn365 offers seamless integration with Microsoft 365 and SharePoint, allowing you to leverage the full power of these tools for a modern and effective learning experience.