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Skills-based learning

Address skill gaps
and set employees
up for success

Solid frameworks for upskilling and reskilling

Skills framework

Use the Learn365 skills framework to build a complete picture of the skills maturity within your organization. Additionally, match skills to appropriate training and enable your people to develop in ways that support their success in their role.

Learning that aligns with career paths

Help learners find the training they need most, fast, by using the framework to match skill-based learning with critical skills.


Empower learners to self-assess against the skills framework. Otherwise, request validation of their progress towards skill attainment with manager or mentor approval workflows.

AI-powered skills creation

Easily build a picture of skills across the organization with our AI-assisted skills generator. Based on a keyword, the Zensai AI assistance creates a set of skills, for example, related to a job role. Refine with the business lead to map skills needed to perform the job.

Solid frameworks for upskilling and reskilling

Skill gap and workforce planning

Skills gap analysis

Straightaway, give learners a clear overview of the skills they have and the skills that are required by their role, or a position they aspire to.

Strategic workforce planning

See what skills are missing within your team or across the organization. Then, forecast upskilling and reskilling requirements, and plan interventions to meet those demands.

Skill gap and workforce planning

Automated flows for reskilling and upskilling

Make the rules

Set up specific rules for skills renewal to ensure technical and professional skills are in line with industry requirements. Additionally, this ensures that learners are encouraged to continue their professional development.

Role-targeted training

Enroll user groups into training and make sure people are automatically added to training. Therefore, this ensures their timely and effective skill development.

Automated flows for reskilling and upskilling

AI-powered skills creation and upskilling

Building a complete picture of skills across an organization can be a daunting task for L&D and HR professionals who are responsible for establishing skill frameworks.

Zensai’s AI assistance generates skills based on keywords to support you in building a complete picture of skills for your organization.

Design courses and learning pathways that support people in achieving and mastering these skills. Additionally, enable learners to discover courses via AI-guided course recommendations that help them acquire the skills they need to succeed in their career.

skill-based learning

Top benefits of our skill-based learning tools

Automate skill assignments

Automate skill assignments

Learn365 allows you to automatically grant employees skills for course completion, streamlining the learning process and empowering users.

Certification flows

Certification flows

Ensure compliance and consistent skill development for your employees with recertification flows. Therefore, you can make sure no employee is left without necessary skills.

Cover skill gaps

Cover skill gaps

Learn365 enables administrators to offer targeted skill-based learning and development to meet organizational needs and improve performance.

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FAQ Girl

Q: What is an example of skills-based training?

An example of skills-based training is on-site practical training, which provides hands-on experience for employees, allowing them to actively participate throughout the entire learning process.

Additionally, this type of training is particularly useful for industries that deal with customers, as it helps employees develop essential soft skills like communication and problem-solving.

Furthermore, by focusing on practical applications and real-world scenarios, skills-based training programs can significantly improve productivity, efficiency, and employee satisfaction.

Q: How does skill-based courses differ from other courses?

Skill-based courses focus on practical expertise and hands-on experience, equipping you with job-ready skills. Basically, unlike traditional courses, they prioritize real-world application over theory, making learning directly relevant and valuable in the workplace.

Q: Can skill-based learning in Learn365 be integrated with other training systems?

Yes, skill-based learning in Learn365 can integrate with other training systems. Learn365 is a cloud-based, AI-powered learning platform built into Microsoft 365, with seamless integration with a host of modern workplace tools and partners, making it an all-in-one integrated learning solution for the digital age.

Additionally, Learn365 integrates with Go1 and LinkedIn Learning, further expanding its integration network to create an inclusive and accessible digital learning environment.