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Customized Learning Experience Platform

Create customized
learning experiences
for your training needs

Flexibility on all system levels

Apply flexible content rules

Categorize selected courses as mandatory for all, or for specific roles within the organization. Define what training elements must be completed in order to complete a course and which are optional.

Create custom skills frameworks

Set up a skills framework to encourage progression, and align to a variety of professional standards. Create a truly personalized learning experience platform for your employees.

Automated certificates

Upload interactive SCORM or AICC content packages or external apps for even more interactive learning experiences.

Notification customization

Adjust notifications associated with courses, skills, assessments etc. as well as privacy settings, in line with your organization’s communication policies and preferences.

Training point allotment

Assign training points to learning activities, keeping people engaged in their continuing professional development.

Understand how your training is performing

Brand it and make it your own

Brand home pages

Leverage the deep integration with Microsoft 365 to customize your learning platform using SharePoint Online’s branding options, including colors, logos, names, page designs, and web parts.

Microsoft Teams and mobile app branding

Our Learn365 mobile app and the Microsoft Teams app to choose design elements within the application that align Learn365 with your company brand.

Access learning anywhere with -the Learn365 mobile app

Extend the platform with integrations

Build custom apps, flows, and reports

The native integration with Microsoft 365 means you can easily connect Learn365 to the Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft’s tool to build custom business applications, automate processes, and analyze data. This enables you to create custom reports, flows, and integrations for your LMS.

Connect your business systems

Use the Learn365 API to integrate with almost any application and connect your business systems to extend the value of the platform.

Natively integrated with Microsoft 365 for HR

How can you localize your learning experience platform?

Let your learning cross borders.

The Learn365 solution comes in 30 different languages with options to create multilingual courses or course catalogs for different languages.

Ensure people receive notifications in their chosen language and within their business hours by adjusting notifications and course sessions to the language and time zone of every user in your organization.

How can you localize your -learning experience platform-

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

“Learn365 is easy to use from an administrative perspective and appeals to every type of learner you may have at your organization. Since implementing the platform, we have experience better consistency with employee knowledge, an increase in engagement rate of training, and more accurate and easily reportable KPIs.”

Top benefits of our learning experience platform

Brand it as you like

Brand it as you like

Customize your learning platform using SharePoint Online's branding options and the native customization tools in the Learn365 and Microsoft Teams mobile apps.

Apply your own rules

Apply your own rules

Create any type of course you'd like, using all types of learning content. Deliver it all through Microsoft Teams and and customize course and catalog settings, including granular access rules.

Customized experience

Customize reports and flows

Reclaim your time by leveraging our system flows to automate tedious learning administration. Customize reports to generate insights that will help improve learning outcomes.

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Want to see what else Learn365 can do?

Experience the ultimate fusion of AI capabilities and comprehensive learning management. Bid farewell to cumbersome spreadsheets and laborious processes.

Upgrade your learning experience with Learn365

Discover the complete spectrum of our cutting-edge learning experience platform and learning management system (LMS). Unleash the array of features that enable organizations to achieve their utmost potential.

HRIS and HCM integrations for lms

Got questions?
We've got answers!

FAQ Girl

Q: What are creative learning experiences?

Creative learning experiences foster problem-solving, critical thinking, risk-taking, and curiosity. Also, they engage employees through innovative, open-ended challenges, promoting resilience and a positive approach to failure. Plus, these experiences are essential for developing well-rounded, confident, and adaptable employees for a thriving workforce.

Q: What is a learning experience platform?

A learning experience platform (LXP) is a personalized digital tool that creates and facilitates engaging learning experiences. Additionally, it focuses on user experience, enhancing the usability and efficiency of the learning experience. Chiefly, LXPs offer strong search capabilities, content recommendation engines, social learning functionality, assessments and badging, user-generated content, analytics, and artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Q: What is the difference between LMS and LXP?

LMS (Learning Management System) and LXP (Learning Experience Platform) are two distinct types of learning platforms that cater to different needs and objectives. Moreover, an LMS is best suited for structured, mandatory training and compliance, while an LXP is designed for individual growth and self-directed learning. Additionally, both platforms have their own strengths and weaknesses, and the choice between them depends on the specific needs and objectives of your organization. Also, you can enlist a combined LMS and LXP solution such as our Human Success Platform.

Q: How does our learning experience platform integrate with your existing systems?

Learn365 integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and Teams, providing a familiar learning experience within your existing digital workplace. Its modern API allows for easy integration with HRIS, ERP, CRM systems, and more, streamlining your IT landscape and enhancing the learning experience for your users.