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Giving feedback starts meaningful conversations

Our best practice framework in Engage365 encourages responses to employees’ regular check-ins, and managers are supported to give timely, specific, and honest feedback to their team.

Our employee feedback software helps you to start meaningful conversations that supports all your people to understand how they’re doing. Giving someone a voice is easy. Listening and acting create impact.

Giving feedback starts meaningful conversations

Regular, real-time feedback

Action in real time

Employees can raise concerns or discussion points through check-ins rather than waiting for their next catch up. This gives managers a chance to give feedback, answer questions, and resolve issues before they have chance to escalate. Anonymous feedback lacks actions. Use transparent feedback to make an impact.

Support managers in giving feedback

Engage365 employee feedback software gives managers the platform to coach employees through their most pressing challenges and improve performance in real time.

Managers and employees can raise discussion points immediately rather than waiting for their next face-to-face opportunity. This helps your business be more proactive and flexible to change.

real-time feedback

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

“The check-ins prompt our people and their managers to have regular conversations about performance. That continuous, incremental approach completely supports our beliefs around changing habits to create transformational change, especially around teacher feedback.”

Top benefits of our employee feedback software

Best-practice feedback

Best-practice feedback

Our 360° feedback framework enables managers to gather comprehensive insights from peers, leaders, and employees, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Real-time resolution

Real-time resolution

Use our employee feedback tool to address blockers as they arise. Keep your team’s momentum going by promptly addressing and eliminating blockers.

Offer employees recognition

Offer employees recognition

Make every employee feel seen and heard with regular check-ins, encouraging a culture of appreciation, engagement, and shared success.

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“Success is a two-way street. Your employees are an investment: the more you put in, the more you get out. And nowhere is this more important than in the feedback you give.”

10 tips for building a workplace culture that welcomes feedback

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Experience a seamless blend of Microsoft 365, Teams, and Outlook integration with Engage365. It’s not just a platform – it’s your partner in fostering well-being and propelling progress towards goals.

Dive into our top-tier employee feedback software and discover a plethora of features that are crafted to support, engage, and inspire. With Engage365, you’re not just managing – you’re transforming. Let’s redefine what’s possible with Engage365.

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FAQ Girl

Q: What is the best way to get employee feedback?

The best way to get employee feedback is through a combination of regular check-ins, surveys, and an open communication culture. Implement tools like Engage365 for frequent, light-touch check-ins, conduct anonymous surveys for candid insights, and foster an environment where employees feel comfortable providing feedback directly to managers and leadership through our software. This holistic approach ensures ongoing, valuable input for continuous improvement.

Q: Does employee feedback tools enhance engagement and performance?

Yes, staff feedback tools like Engage365 software can significantly enhance engagement and performance. Regular and timely feedback fosters a culture of continuous improvement, keeps employees engaged with their work, and provides insights for addressing challenges and recognizing achievements. This creates a positive feedback loop, contributing to improved job satisfaction, productivity, and overall performance within the organization.

Q: Is Engage365 designed for remote teams?

Yes, Engage365 is designed to support remote teams with its mobile app and integration with Microsoft Teams. Its features, such as frequent check-ins, employee feedback, and goal tracking, provide a structured approach to remote employee management. The software ensures that remote team members stay connected, receive regular employee feedback, and align their goals with organizational objectives, contributing to improved communication, engagement, and performance in a remote work setting.