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Performance conversations

Performance reviews your
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 Your framework for informed conversations

Set your employees up for success.

Conversations like performance reviews, probation, goal-setting meetings, and development planning will be supported by a best-practice framework and informed like never before with a vast amount of data from the frequent employee-manager check-ins.

Automation and AI insights take away the manual burden and help you focus on what matters most; your employees and their success.

Your framework for informed conversations

Meaningful performance conversations

Automate your performance management admin

Our performance review software makes it 90% quicker and easier to prep for reviews and appraisals. Rely on our flows to schedule the meetings at appropriate times and pull check-in history, feedback, goal progress, and more into conversation agendas. No more thinking back to what you did last quarter, it’s all there in front of you. And your managers have the insights to develop greatness.

Evidence-based goal tracking

Perform365 encourages employees to update their goals regularly to keep track of progress. This means you have data to understand how everyone is actually performing up against their goals. This keeps conversations about past and future performance evidence-based, efficient, and focused on growth.

Holistic performance reviews

Want to see the challenges your people have faced over the past 6 months? Or perhaps their personal successes over the last 12 weeks? With our performance review software, all of the data you need is ready to add to the agenda at the touch of a button. That includes feedback managers have given, OKR tracking, pass-ups, 360 feedback, and peer recognition.

Informed career and development planning

Dynamic review templates enable you to pull in employee feedback, goal progression data, training history, certifications and talent mapping output to understand where in their journey people are. Use it during your sit downs to make informed decisions about people’s career and development paths.

Meaningful performance conversations

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

“Perform365 is helping us have really powerful, quality performance and development conversations that are more open and more honest.”

Top benefits of our performance review software

Streamline performance reviews

Streamline performance reviews

Say goodbye to manual notes and days of planning with Perform365's performance review tool. Automated goal tracking and regular updates make appraisals evidence-based and reduce prep time by 90%.

Clear picture of performance

Clear picture of performance

With a click, our performance review software provides a clear picture of engagement and performance throughout the period. Boost employee engagement through weekly check-ins and get real-time feedback.

Data-driven and future-focused

Data-driven and future-focused

Plan future development and goals with Perform365's performance management software. Analyze data across feedback and performance. Built for employees, not just HR.

Wanna see Perform365 in action?

“Conversations about employee performance are one of the three foundations of performance management. The only problem is, 95% of managers and 80% of employees feel traditional performance reviews don’t work. That’s why we recommend adopting performance conversations rather than performance appraisals.”


Ready to unlock the full potential of Perform365?

Designed for Microsoft 365, Teams, and Outlook, Perform365 is more than just a platform – it’s your partner in fostering well-being and propelling progress towards organizational goals.

Experience the power of our leading-edge employee performance software. Dive into a world of features that are crafted to support, engage, and inspire success.

Let’s redefine what’s possible with Perform365.

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FAQ Girl

Q: What is a performance review?

A performance review is a two-way conversation between a manager and an employee about performance impact, development, and growth. It’s a critical component of continuous performance management, helping to evaluate and propel success for the employee, team, and the organization.

Q: How do you conduct the best performance conversation?

To conduct the best performance conversation, start by using constructive and motivating feedback. Incorporate team-based feedback, make it a shared responsibility, and keep it forward-looking. Be transparent and thoughtful, and focus on specific job-related skills and behaviors. Use phrases and comments that address strengths and areas for improvement, ensuring a holistic and targeted approach. This will help elevate the performance conversation and make it more effective.

Q: Can Perform365 help me identify skill gaps within my team?

Yes, Weekly10 can help you identify skill gaps within your team. Using employee feedback and 360 feedback enables you to pinpoint areas for improvement and training needs, fostering a culture of learning and upskilling. This approach decreases the likelihood of skills gaps and helps in creating a more effective and efficient team.

Q: Can this performance review software be integrated with other HR systems?

Yes, Perform365 can be integrated with other HR systems. It is often integrated with other HR teams and performance management systems, making it easier for organizations to incorporate the platform into their existing processes.

Perform365 also offers integrations with Microsoft 365, Outlook, and Slack. These integrations allow for a seamless experience and help streamline HR processes, enhancing employee engagement and performance management.