Empowering Organizations to Close Skills Gaps

Having a complete picture of skills across an organization is crucial for keeping everyone focused on meeting learning and performance targets. However, building this picture can be a daunting task for L&D and HR professionals who are responsible establishing for skill frameworks.

People teams often spend months engaging with their business colleagues to understand various roles and map underlying skills to each of those roles. To address this challenge, we are thrilled to announce the introduction of AI-powered skills creation in our LMS, Learn365. This groundbreaking feature empowers organizations to design learning pathways that close skills gaps.

Streamlining Skills Framework Creation

Learn365 has long had a skills framework enabling customers to create a structure of skills in the organization and design courses and learning pathways. This ultimately supports learners in achieving these skills. Additionally, our skills framework allows system admins to have full control over the skills in the organization. Previously, this setup was done manually.

AI-powered Skill Development Management

In March 2023, we announced how we started empowering our platform with AI capabilities. Since then, we’ve released AI-powered course discovery and creation for Learn365 enabling course admins to create courses much faster. Plus, these tools allow learners to engage in a dialogue with our chatbot based on natural language, find appropriate courses for their learning path, and get status updates on their training progress.

With the new AI-driven assistance, LMS admins can now automatically generate suggested skills from keywords entered. The skills can be based on a subject area, like for example, a job role or an industry. This skills creation enables admins to quickly create a set of skills connected to a specific job role. Plus, these skills can be refined in collaboration with the business leads.

Skill creation using automatic suggestions

Administrators can use this as a baseline for discussion with their business leads. Thus, making working together to refine those skills and associate them with roles and learning pathways more seamless.

Learn365 skills creation for learning pathways

In addition, the AI functionality will generate tags and categories for the suggested skills. Categories are helpful to learners as a filter in their Training Dashboard, so they see learning most relevant to the skills they are developing.

AI Skills creation categories and tags

Addressing the Skills Gap Crisis

49% of L&D professionals report that executives are concerned employees do not have the right skills to execute business strategy. Additionally, 73% of business executives expect to continue to experience talent shortages over the next three years. This means having a framework in place that enables the organization to close the skills gaps is beyond essential.

As Robin, our Chief Business Officer, states:

“This new skills-driven AI feature makes it much easier to start building a skills framework for your organization; role by role, team by team. Admins can connect skills to learning, training, and practical assignments and strategically design career pathways for up- and reskilling.”

Empowering Learners and Aligning with Business Goals

Learners will immediately see the value of this new feature. Once skills are associated with a course or learning path, they see the skills they have achieved from completing the training. Learners can also see how these skills ultimately connect to their career development.

The AI-powered skills creation feature in Learn365 supports our strategy of empowering organizations to close skills gaps and be future-ready. By streamlining the creation of skills frameworks, Learn365 is revolutionizing the way organizations approach workforce development.

For more detailed information about the AI-powered assistance feature and how to enable it, check out this Help Center article.