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Learn365 Freemium

The ideal free LMS for
growing business

Free. Full. Forever.

Learn365 Freemium is a free integrated learning platform with the full benefits of onboarding, training, and developing your team, all within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Unlock the full array of Learn365 features, including AI superpowers, entirely free with Learn365 Freemium. A free LMS designed to streamline workflow automation and elevate organizational training optimization to the next level.

No new password. No other place to go.

As the only learning management platform built into Microsoft 365, Learn365 Freemium is the best free LMS for those working in Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Viva Learning, and Outlook.

No need for a learning management system free trial or a limited demo—here, you gain immediate access to the complete suite of advantages our platform offers, all within your existing environment.

End-to-end learning management

Streamline and centralize your end-to-end training process, including skills organization and assignment, with our free LMS. Say goodbye to Excel registrations and manual processes – our free learning management system offers a seamless transition.

From course creation to course discovery, enrollment, delivery, certification, and tracking, we’ve got the entire process covered.

Data-driven insights unlocked

Gain insights into your training progress with our free learning management system. Access training progress dashboards to track course completion, assess course performance, and validate your learning program’s ROI.

Plus, with the option to connect seamlessly with Power BI, you can establish advanced and customized reporting, enhancing your data analysis capabilities, easily.

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Learn365 Freemium IT & Security Checklist

We know security and compliance are paramount when adopting a new system. That’s why we’ve put together this helpful IT checklist which details the most crucial elements of our solution’s security structure.

Access the Learn365 Freemium IT Checklist below and share this with the appropriate members of your team to learn more about the platform’s security measures.