The Zensai team is excited about the news regarding Microsoft Viva. Viva brings communication, insights, learning and knowledge together into an integrated employee experience that empowers people and teams to be their best, from anywhere. Remote work has become the new normal and much like Learn365, Microsoft Viva strives to make this experience successful by providing resources and supporting the need for seamlessly integrated tools.

Our Future is The Hybrid Work Structure

The routine ways of working together in a collective space are now of the past. All over the world professional environments have changed over the last year. In turn, the way we work has been affected dramatically.

“There is no going back. Flexibility in when, where and how we work will be key”

Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft

Individuals have been required to work remotely, and have thus gained new perspectives on how communication, productivity and collaboration can be achieved outside of the office. Along with the difficulties experienced during the lockdown comes new opportunities to create a workplace that is more accessible and supportive of individual employees going forward.

Learn365 – A Learning Experience within Teams

We agree that learning should be an integrated part of your everyday platform, and throughout the past year many have come to equate this change with Microsoft Teams. The Teams hub is inspiring in the way it keeps small and large teams aligned and connected, something that is more imperative now than ever before. By utilizing Microsoft Teams, you are not just finding a solution to survive a hybrid work structure; you are investing in technology that allows your organization to thrive in an intuitive, hybrid work environment.

“Creating a hybrid work structure will help you and your business stay resilient and flexible in a time that is anything but predictable. With the Learn365 Teams app we strive to empower employees and managers to obtain their best through learning.”

Lars Vestergaard, CCO, Zensai

The amount of Microsoft users increased drastically in 2020 to 115 million active users a day. However, this positive vibe has been going for a while and Learn365, being a Microsoft Preferred Solution, has been fortunate to have joined this early on, with the release of the Learn365 app for Microsoft Teams in February 2018.

This integrated experience enables employees to find and follow-up on all their corporate training from e-learning, certificates to virtual instructor-led training sessions. By combining Learn365 and Microsoft Teams users are able to share, communicate and track learning without leaving their familiar platform.

Creating the Complete Learning Experience Platform

Part of Microsoft Viva is to put focus on the importance of creating a learning culture. The individual employee considers companies responsible for upskilling, reskilling and keeping their skills relevant which supports the need for an engaging, effective and accessible learning experience.

Learn365 being already seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Teams, fully supports this vision to work smarter and learn better within your flow of work.

“Microsoft Viva is a firm confirmation that staying within the platform is the right choice for the future of learning and being the seamlessly integrated learning solution built for the Microsoft eco-system, we’re way ahead of the pack!”

Lars Vestergaard, CCO, Zensai

By combining Learn365 and Microsoft Viva you are able to get the complete learning experience platforms (LXP), with all the functions you need, entirely built, and operated in Microsoft 365 and Azure. In the future, employees can freely choose whether courses are consumed in Viva or in the Learn365 interface. We welcome Microsoft Viva and look forward to teaming up and getting more familiar throughout 2021!

Do you want to know more about our visions of integrating with Viva? Get in touch here.