1. Performance Improvements for LMS365
  2. Internal Cost Tracking
  3. Course Description Auto-Collapse
  4. Improved Loading UX
  5. Data Center Region for Central Canada

1) Performance Improvements for LMS365

Loading times will be much shorter across all LMS365 web parts. We have had focus on the course home page, course catalog and room selector. The room selector in particular has been improved to load several times faster than it did previously.

Loading times

2) Internal Cost Tracking

LMS365 admins can now register an internal cost for classroom and webinar courses.  This makes it possible to create reports for internal cost across all sessions or divided out on all participating learners.

Internal Cost Tracking

3) Course Description Auto-Collapse

When learners enroll to a course, the course description will no longer auto-collapse. It will always remain open as default but is still possible to collapse manually to quickly get to the learning content.

Course Description

4) Improved Loading UX

We have improved the user experience when loading the course catalog and course home page. When the page is loading you will see the layout of the page you’re about to land on.

Improved Loading UX

5) Data Center Region for Central Canada

With version 3.8 it is now also possible to select Central Canada as a Data Center region for LMS365 when setting up your tenant. With the new locally deployed services we will address data residency considerations from new and existing Canadian customers currently served out of our US data center. Existing customers will be contacted and offered to be relocated in the new local data center within the next couple of months and agree to a transfer date.

Data Center Region