To get access to all the new features you must be updated to the modern view of SharePoint and LMS365. If you have not updated and still use the classic version, please make sure to follow  this guide  to update your LMS365.

  1. Invite new users as well as guest users with the improved LMS365 User Invitations
  2. Administrators will now have more control over the course completion settings
  3. You can now make learners unable to unenroll
  4. We have added the new instructor role with limited access
  5. Improved look & feel and more for course sessions

1) LMS365 User Invitations

We have made some significant changes on how you invite new learners into the LMS365 environment. Before, you had to use the SharePoint sharing feature but now you are able to invite both internal as well as guests, previously known as external users, directly from your LMS. It is now actually the only way to invite users or guests into LMS365 as adding them to SharePoint groups will stop functioning after the update.

2) LMS365 Course Management

As the LMS365 administrator, we have given you even more control over the course completion. With the new update you can now decide which learning modules each learner has to complete to finish the course. Previously, a course would only be completed when all the learning modules had been finished. Some departments might not need the same training as others but instead of you having to create several courses, you can simply change the completion requirements for each department or learner.

To make it as easy and intuitive as possible, we have moved all the settings to just one location. You can now set all the logic from the course management panel and see a single overview of how learners will complete the course.

This means that learning items, assignments, or custom grades to complete the course can be defined in the same place. It is also possible to set a minimum attendance percentage for the learners’ course completion.

LMS365 Course Management

3) LMS365 Course Creator & Catalog

The ability of preventing learners from unenrolling from the course or training plan has been requested from several of our customers. This feature is now available and can be managed in the LMS365 course or training plan creator.

Course Creator & Catalog

4) Instructor Role

We have added an entirely new role to the LMS365 system – the instructor role. This person is assigned to a course session by the LMS365 administrator and has only limited rights. Instructors have access to the courses but are not able to edit the course itself. From now on, they can view the courses and sessions they are assigned to, as well as mark and print attendance for the course. They will also be able to download a QR code for learners to register their attendance.

Instructor Role

5) Course Sessions

Now that we have added the instructor role, we also thought it would be fitting to update the course sessions themselves. Apart from giving it a new look and feel, we have also added the ability to assign instructors to each session as well as adding additional course information – for instance, a map to the classroom, what to bring, special notes or instructions. All this new information will be shown in the course session information panel.

Course Sessions