*We’re thrilled to unveil our rebranded product – LMS365 is now Learn365, under our new company name, Zensai. Same great product, fresh new name! Enjoy the article and know that all references to LMS365 still refer to the same exceptional product you know and love, now under the new name Learn365.

AARHUS, Denmark, April 20, 2023 — LMS365 is one of the top learning management platforms built into Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams that empowers employees in their self-guided learning journey. LMS365 is happy to announce the deepened integration with Microsoft Viva Learning which enables the sync of course enrollments and activity.

In October 2022, LMS365 announced its integration with Viva Learning, using the employee learning API in Microsoft Graph. This integration enabled an aggregated search of LMS365 courses and trainings that displayed seamlessly within the Viva Learning application in Teams and Microsoft 365, alongside content from other learning providers.

Self-guided learning at your fingertips, anywhere, anytime

LMS365 has now used the Course Activity Sync employee learning API in Microsoft Graph to further enhance the integration into Viva Learning with the ability to sync course enrollment and activity.

By utilizing this new API from Microsoft, it’s now possible for learners to filter a separate view of their enrollments, in addition to the existing ability to view LMS365 courses and trainings within the Viva Learning user interface (UI). Employees can also view their LMS365 course work progression statuses directly from Viva Learning.

By bringing together LMS365 and Microsoft Viva Learning, we’re able to facilitate and support more intuitive ways of learning. Learners can browse a centralized catalog view of learning opportunities that display LMS365 coursework alongside content from separate learning systems via Viva Learning. This extends the LMS365 experience beyond the existing native integration with Microsoft Teams and into Viva Learning, which supports the continuous learning movement in organizations and empowers individual employees to grow,” says Flemming Goldbach, Chief Product Officer.

These updates further extend the integration between LMS356 and Viva Learning and bring learning effortlessly into the flow of work. Employees are empowered to take charge of their learning and development journey with a newly introduced birds-eye overview of their coursework progress viewed within the Viva Learning application.

“We are pleased to see LMS365 benefit from the release of our new API sync with Viva Learning. This furthers LMS365’s collaboration with Microsoft and showcases their dedication to continuously be at the forefront of next generation learning experiences. Together, we hope to enable organizations to create a culture of learning with experiences seamlessly integrated into Microsoft’s collaborative apps,”

John Mighell, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Viva Learning Product Lead.

LMS365 solution images displaying the new integration features

Learners can see a personalized view of the mandatory LMS365 courses that they are enrolled in, under the “Assigned to you” tab in Viva Learning.

Courses that were recommended to employees by their peers from LMS365 will be shown under the “Recommended to you” section.

Once LMS365 courses are completed, they will appear under the “Completed” tab in Viva Learning.

User-updated coursework progress is reflected within the Viva Learning UI with the following status definitions: users can select “Not Started” for LMS365 courses that learners are enrolled in, but have not started; “In Progress” for LMS365 courses that learners have started, but have not completed yet; “Completed” for all LMS365 courses that learners have successfully completed by attending all the required sessions and associated learning items.

Employees can also track LMS365 course deadlines and see when a course has passed its due date within Viva Learning.

About LMS365:

LMS365 is a cloud-based platform built into Microsoft Teams to enable organizations to manage learning and training. The company was founded with the ambition to create a learning platform built into the expansive Microsoft 365 environment and designed to support millions of users and learners around the globe. The company continues to support both commercial and government customers (GCC) in their evolving work environments.

Website: www.zensai.com