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AI-Powered Platform

Support your team better
with our AI coach and assistant

Shine with AI-powered learning, engagement, and performance tools.

To us, AI is about making people better, more engaged, and more successful.

Leveraging the powers of AI, the Human Success platform is taking organizational learning, engagement, and performance to the next level with a range of AI-powered platform developments.

Take learning to the next level

Generate skills with AI-powered learning for your organization; role by role, team by team.

Create courses faster than ever before with AI-assisted course building.

Guide learners to discover courses that help them succeed in their careers.

AI-powered learning

Boost employee engagement with AI

Help managers improve their coaching capabilities and understand their teams better.

Provide them with insights from across the organization to make strategic decisions with AI-powered sentiment analysis.    

Also, our AI-powered coach helps managers respond constructively to raised questions and concerns. 

AI engagement tools

Take performance to new heights

Our AI assistant helps prepare performance reviews by providing summaries of engagement and progress since the last conversation.

Additionally, our AI-powered tools can support you in generating career development plans that guide employee growth and development.

AI performance

“AI has become an integral part of our L&D strategy. We are becoming faster, and more efficient, and discovering new opportunities for ourselves. Zensai is a valuable partner in the transformation and supports us in the change.”

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Unlock employee success with the only AI-powered platform of its kind built into Microsoft 365.

Enjoy all your AI-powered content delivered right in Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Viva Learning, and Outlook where people are already logged in and ready to work.

AI-powered platform in Microsoft 365 and Teams