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LMS For NHS Staff

Deliver advanced
healthcare training to NHS
Trusts in Microsoft 365

Streamline NHS training with Learn365

Learn365, a leading LMS for NHS e-learning for healthcare, is an approved app on the NHS England tenant. It is now readily available for all NHS Trusts across all Microsoft 365 setups, including:

  • NHSmail Tenant
  • NHS Wales Tenant
  • Trust specific Microsoft 365 tenants

Plus, NHS Trusts using NHSmail or the NHS Wales central tenant can effortlessly subscribe to Learn365 through their preferred procurement method, seamlessly integrating it into their existing NHS e-learning infrastructure with no installation required.

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NHS customer scenarios

NHS Informatics Merseyside

Support of multiple hospitals
Clinical Applications Training
Microsoft 365 Training

Velindre University NHS

Clinical Applications Training
Microsoft 365 Training

Welsh Ambulance Services

Clinical Applications Training

Wirral University Teaching

Clinical Applications Training

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Ready to supercharge your healthcare professional development?
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How does Learn365 revolutionize clinical application training for NHS organizations?

Our cutting-edge, Microsoft 365-integrated platform is meticulously tailored for NHS organizations. Accessible via NHSmail, NHS Wales, and individual NHS Trust-Microsoft tenants, Learn365 revolutionizes clinical training. But it doesn’t stop there.

Learn365 also fuels continuous professional development, drives internal system adoption, and propels workforce development goals.
Join the healthcare revolution with Learn365 and empower your team with advanced clinical training.

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Continuous professional development in healthcare

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is a cornerstone in healthcare, essential for keeping healthcare professionals updated with the latest knowledge and best practices. However, healthcare workers are often pressed for time due to their demanding schedules.

Learn365 takes this burden off their shoulders, making CPD seamless and efficient. We understand that healthcare professionals need more time to focus on their primary responsibilities, and our solution is designed to ensure they can easily integrate CPD into their busy routines, without the added stress.

Read more about the importance of CPD in Healthcare

“I am most excited about enabling our frontline staff to complete their clinical systems training where and when like. Learn365 within our Microsoft environment means staff don’t need to worry about any new login details and can seamlessly transition from working to training.”

Microsoft Teams integration

Dive into a seamless learning experience with Learn365’s integration into Microsoft Teams.

Perfect for advanced clinical training sessions, it ensures continuous professional development without leaving your favorite collaboration tool.

Multiple courses supported

Learn365 supports a diverse range of course types, catering to various learning styles.

Whether it’s clinical research training or clinical data management training, there’s a format that fits.

Agile tracking and reporting

Stay on top of your team’s progress with Learn365’s robust tracking and reporting features.

Monitor continuous professional development milestones and ensure everyone’s up to speed with their clinical training requirements.

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