Quick facts about Maersk: 


Maersk Container Industry (MCI) manufactures refrigerated containers (“reefers”) that transport goods around the world. MCI sought to implement an easy-to-use, comprehensive, and engaging Learning Management System (LMS) so that a global network of external service providers was equipped with the specialist technical knowledge to service and repair the reefers.  

Providing classroom training was proving increasingly difficult to a network of 430 global depots worldwide, some in locations that are hard to travel to or where staff are located on vessels.  With reefers needing constant servicing and often urgent repairs, maintaining specialist knowledge across the network was regarded as a high priority. A solution that was quick and easy to implement was also a priority. 

“Learn365 has helped us to deliver training to a wider audience than ever before so that they have a higher level of technical knowledge. This is essential for us and for our customers.  Having a highly qualified service provide network reduces costs and ensures smooth everyday operations across the world.” 

Lauren Andrews, MCI’s Service Training and E-Learning Administrator


After reviewing several products, different options were presented to senior management. Following the service team’s recommendation, Learn365’s cloud offering was selected. As well as its comprehensive learning capabilities and its ability to be accessed by external users from multiple organizations, Learn365 met two critical requirements: 

  • An easy-to-deploy mobile app with a strong user experience 
  • The ability to use offline, critical for users in remote locations and on vessels where there is little or no connectivity. 

Learn365 did more than just tick these boxes, impressing the team with its ease of use, smart features, and seamless Office 365 integration. Lauren Andrews, MCI’s Service Training and E-Learning Administrator, comments,

“We chose Learn365 because of the integration with the Microsoft tools we use internally, the app and the offline viewing. It’s also smart and easy to use. The back end is very easy to navigate.” 


The implementation of Learn365 proved straightforward, taking only a couple of days to set up before being ready for testing. Following this, the team worked on building up the course material and learning modules.  

A challenge for the team is that all users are external to MCI; they also do not know who learners are in advance. To navigate these challenges a separate Azure Active Directory (AAD) was set up for identity management. Additionally, a solution was deployed to allow users to self-register to Learn365, submitting a Microsoft Form which then goes through approval workflow. Once approved, users receive a welcome email and automatically flow into the right group on AAD.  


So far Learn365 has proved highly successful. Today, there are over 600 users – with more enrolling each week! 

To date six learning modules have been created, focusing on technical topics such as parts installation.  The modules contain videos, checklists, quizzes and more, making learning engaging and driving confidence among users. With over 500 courses completed, the service team are happy with a healthy course completion rate that continues to grow.  

The team are also evolving the use of Learn365. To complement MCI’s ongoing program of classroom-based training, one module specifically reinforces the learning for attendees of one of these classroom courses. Another module helps service providers prepare for a new auditing process. 

Learn365’s easy integration with MCI’s Office 365-powered digital workplace has also been highly beneficial; Learn365 has been integrated with Power BI to create an attractive, real-time dashboard of key indicators such as course completion rates. 

Lauren Andrews says,

“Learn365 has worked really well for us and for our users. The Learn365 supports the specialist knowledge that ensures reefers are rapidly serviced and repaired throughout the world.” 


The team are excited about extending the use of Learn365, with plans to ramp up the number of users and the range of learning modules. Additionally, some modules will be translated into Spanish. 

MCI also plan to leverage Learn365 to streamline registrations for its extensive classroom training program, using the product’s seamless integration with the Microsoft stack, in this case integrating with Microsoft Dynamics 365.   


Maersk Container Industry (MCI) has 3,000 employees worldwide, with approximately 90 located in Denmark. Formed in 1991, it is part of A.P. Moeller – Maersk, a global, integrated transport and logistics company. MCI manufactures refrigerated containers (“reefers”) that transport frozen and cold goods throughout the world. MCI co-ordinates the servicing and repair of reefers through a global network of external service providers.