Quick facts about San Diego Regional Airport Authority: 

  • Industry: Air transport
  • HQ: San Diego, California
  • Established: 2003
  • Web: www.san.org/


San Diego County Regional Airport Authority manages the operations of San Diego International Airport. With many of its 400 staff undertaking hybrid working, it was essential that learners could power their own learning when working remotely. 

Stuck with an ineffectual learning platform, the team were seeking a new solution that was easy to manage and provided an attractive user experience. It also had to integrate with Microsoft 365 and ideally come with options to access a library of courses.  

“The biggest benefit of working with Learn365 and Go1 is the ease of use and the expanded content library. It absolutely has been the right decision for our team. We increased our training hours by 40%.”


San Diego International Airport is a very busy airport with 20 million passengers each year and a new terminal being built. Joe Gregore Duffield, Learning and Development Specialist, explains,

“We service the terminals, ground transportation, and the construction people. There’s a lot happening!” 

During the pandemic, many employees had to work remotely, prompting a new approach to learning. Joe Gregore Duffield comments,

“We had to pivot. It was essential that people could learn on their own, when they wanted and at their own pace, but the learning solution we had wasn’t user-friendly.”

It also fell short of the core features needed for just one person to manage a learning program for 400 staff

The team researched the market for a new solution. Learn365 stood out for several different reasons. 

“Many factors played into our decision to go with Learn365. The ease of use, the great look and feel, and the reporting features were all very important.” 

Joe Gregore Duffield, Learning and Development Specialist

Seamless integration Microsoft 365 was also critical, a factor Joe Gregore Duffield acknowledges as “huge for us.” 

Learn365’s tight integration with Go1, the world’s largest marketplace for training content, was also key.

“Having access to a content library of different learning materials is very powerful.  Our previous platform didn’t give us that opportunity.” 

Joe Gregore Duffield, Learning and Development Specialist

A positive experience with the Learn365 team, sealed the deal. Joe Gregore Duffield adds,

“From the sales to the support, the people at Learn365 have been great to work with.” 


Learn365 combined with Go1 integration was launched to all 400 staff in 2021 and since then has gone from strength to strength. Today, staff access a wide variety of courses chosen from the Go1 platform. This is putting learning back in the control of staff, whether they are working at the airport or remotely. Joe Gregore Duffield comments,

“Learn365 is so helpful because it means learning can be done when people choose, at their preferred pace, and from anywhere they are working.” 

A wide range of learning is available, from courses on compliance areas to softer skills like better communication and emotional intelligence. However, leadership and management courses have proved to be the most popular. 

“There’s been a huge ask for leadership and management courses.  There’s been a lot of turnover due to the pandemic, and a resurgence of people wanting to move up within the company. We want to keep our people. Our main goal is to provide the training for our workforce to upscale and be more promotable.” 

Joe Gregore Duffield, Learning and Development Specialist

Courses and content on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) have also proved popular. Here, the straightforward management of content within Learn365 has been particularly useful.   

The ease of adding content and Teams’ tabs have enabled me to create a DE&I page where we focus on diversity topics, as well as holidays or different celebrations. Users go in there each month, but also then get to see other courses or other events, so its effectively a one-stop shop.” 

One aspect of Learn365 that Joe Gregore Duffield most appreciates is the tight integration with Go1 content. Not only does Go1 provide a huge range of courses, but adding content from directly within Learn365 makes expanding the Authority’s course catalog effortless. 

 “I love adding Go1 content to the catalog. With the new Learn365 interface, it’s much easier. I like the variety of courses that Go1 offers. In fact, we have uploaded over 900 courses from Go1 to Learn365, and our learners are enjoying and rating the courses. It’s been a really good experience for us.” 

Joe Gregore Duffield, Learning and Development Specialist

Overall, the combination of Learn365’s qualities and the sheer variety of Go1 content has led to an enormous uptick in adoption. Joe Gregore Duffield explains,

“Since we’ve been using Learn365, our training hours completed have increased, going up by 40% in 2022 alone. It’s a great way to demonstrate ROI.”  

Joe Gregore Duffield attributes the increase in adoption to the great user experience that Learn365 offers.

“The ease of access and use, and the inviting look and feel of the platform makes it attractive to use. It does look really good and much more appealing than the last platform that we had!” 


Looking forward, the team are set to increase the use of Learn365. Joe Gregore Duffield comments,

“We are still in the learning phase of using Learn365 and Go1. In the next year, we will further use the platform and discover more of its features. We also expect our training hours to continue to rise as we utilize more of what the platform offers.” 

The team will also continue to enjoy a strong working relationship with the Learn365 team. Joe Gregore Duffield says,

I have enjoyed working with the Learn365 team. I look forward to my monthly one-on-one sessions with Ximena, our Customer Success Manager. She’s great!” 

Reflecting on what has been achieved to date, Joe Gregore Duffield believes it would have been difficult to successfully roll-out learning to 400 people without Learn365.

“Although I have an intern to help me now, I was a team of one for eighteen months. One person can’t do all that training for 400 people so having Learn365 and the content from Go1 has been vital. We’ve been able to provide training for all our workforce. It’s been a really wonderful experience!” 

See for yourself

Watch this video success story to see how Learn365 (formerly LMS365) and Go1 have supercharged learning and training at San Diego County Regional Airport Authority.


San Diego County Regional Airport Authority is an independent agency that manage the day-to-day operations of San Diego International Airport and addresses the region’s long-term air transportation needs. It employs approximately 400 staff.