June 2023 – Wirral University Teaching Hospital has partnered with Learn365, a leading learning management solution provider, to revolutionize their clinical training approach within the NHSmail central tenant, a collaborative platform created by Microsoft and the NHS to provide a secure and reliable cloud-based infrastructure for health and social care organizations in the UK. By automating their training structure and introducing a more efficient method to train healthcare professionals on internal systems and clinical application training, the teaching hospital is set to advance its modernization and adoption goals.  

With Learn365 now available within the central tenant, other NHS organizations can effortlessly activate the comprehensive course catalog upon purchasing an Learn365 license.   

The work we’ve done at WUTH with NHS Digital (England) means that, following the usual procurement process, other Trusts should be able to easily implement the Learn365 solution into their own area of the NHSmail central tenant.

Paul Jones, Head of Clinical Applications

Previously, clinical systems training at Wirral University Teaching Hospital relied solely on face-to-face classroom sessions. The implementation of Learn365 allows for the modernization of training delivery, expanding the scope of essential training and enabling staff to delve deeper into the electronic patient record system they engage with daily.  

Through Learn365, healthcare professionals gain easier access to learning resources, facilitating increased adoption of new technologies. The platform not only caters to existing training needs but also opens avenues to broaden the hospital’s training portfolio for the benefit of both clinical and operational staff.  

Wirral University Teaching Hospital’s partnership with Learn365 showcases the commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology for optimizing the employee learning experience, ultimately enhancing patient care and overall healthcare delivery.  

Learn365 is already the trusted learning platform of a number of NHS Trusts with their own Microsoft environments as well as those using NHS Wales. But now, with Learn365 seamlessly integrated into NHSmail, the doors are flung wide open, welcoming thousands of additional organizations and millions of NHS staff to embrace learning in the flow of work. Clinical training and personal development effortlessly delivered within the familiar Microsoft environment, including the dynamic duo of Teams and SharePoint. It’s a game-changer for the entire NHS community, empowering staff to thrive and excel in their roles.

Travis Damgaard Campbell, Senior Business Manager at Zensai

We’re thrilled to be partnering with Zensai and leveraging cutting-edge technology to revolutionize our clinical training approach. The implementation of Learn365 allows for a modern, efficient method to train healthcare professionals on critical internal systems and clinical application training, ultimately enhancing patient care and overall healthcare delivery. The seamless integration of Learn365 into NHSmail is a groundbreaking development for us, empowering staff to thrive and excel in their roles.

Chris Mason, CIO, Wirral University Teaching Hospital

Read more about how Learn365 is helping Wirral University to revolutionizing clinical application training in this Customer Highlight.  

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About Wirral University Teaching Hospital Foundation Trust  

Wirral University Teaching Hospital Foundation Trust is one of the largest and busiest acute NHS Trusts in the Northwest of England, serving a population of more than 320,000 and including the Wirral’s only Emergency Department at Arrowe Park Hospital. We provide a high-quality range of acute care services and employ over 6,000 staff. We operate three hospitals at two sites – Arrowe Park, where the Wirral Women and Children’s Hospital is also located and Clatterbridge General Hospital.