You’re pitching new HR software to the Board. So far, your focus has been speaking with your CEO and CFO about overall business benefits, return on investment (ROI) and finance. But when you pitch new performance management software to your CTO, you need a different approach. You need to think integration, implementation and security.

This is the latest article in a series about getting buy-in for your proposal for new performance management software. And the CTO has different interests from other members of the executive. They need to understand how it will fit into existing IT infrastructure and any risks it might present to the business. You also need them to buy-in to the technology itself, as well as recognizing the benefits for their teams. So you’ll need to discuss:

  • What performance management software is and why you need a new system
  • Technical benefits of the system you’re proposing
  • The user benefits of a new performance management system

Performance management software – a brief summary

Your CTO may have a vague understanding of what performance management software is. (They probably implemented it). But they’re used to old-style once or twice-a-year reviews, clunky processes and unnecessary admin. So outline how this will change as the first part of your pitch to the CTO for new software.

What performance management software is

Performance management software creates a way for managers and employees to track performance against goals. It provides regular two-way feedback and supports employee development and engagement. All of which leads to better business performance.

Why new performance management software is better: a summary for your CTO

Gone are the days of long forms and outdated objectives. New systems use weekly check-ins to drive two-way feedback where employees update progress and flag concerns. And managers remove blockers and offer support to keep employees on track.

Employees set Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) which align with business goals. And can be easily changed if priorities are adjusted. So you can identify progress and celebrate success in a timely way, and improve motivation and employee engagement.

Importantly, the latest software is intuitive and flexible, so it works for office-based and remote workers. And many have an app you can download direct to your mobile.

Pitching the technical benefits of new performance management software to your CTO

You need to provide confidence around integration, implementation plans and the security of any new software. So reassure your CTO and review those elements of your proposed solution. If needs be, contact your Account Manager and arrange a technical call to address any specific concerns your CTO raises.

  • Seamless Integration with Microsoft Teams: Any new system needs to integrate with existing IT infrastructure. Using software like Zensai, allows you to benefit from Single Sign On as it’s designed to work with Microsoft Teams. So no additional passwords for employees to forget or extra admin for the IT team to reset them.
  • Quick implementation: Some software takes months to get up and running. Yet 86% of Engage365 customers have the system implemented within one month. That’s minimal disruption to the IT team who are working on the project. And adopting a familiar interface reduces the likelihood of technical queries from employees once it’s in place.
  • Security management: A key part of your pitch to the CTO is software with minimal security risks. With Zensai, you manage users through Microsoft Entra ID (formerly known as Microsoft Azure Active Directory). So IT don’t need additional processes to set up or terminate an employee’s profile. And access is easy to manage through existing organisational structures.
  • ISO 27001: You want a company that takes data management and security seriously. Zensai is ISO27001 certified.

All this adds up to software that needs minimal intervention from the IT team. It’s a CTO’s dream. It isn’t just the technical side they’re interested in though. They also want to know about the user experience, so tell them about the technology too.

User benefits of a new performance management approach

Your CTO has a deeper interest in the technology than other members of the executive. They understand the importance of aligning objectives so everyone works towards the same overall goals. And you can sell them on the impacts of weekly check-ins and regular reviews (improved employee engagement and better productivity and profitability).

But to convince them it’s the right move, you also need to pitch the user experience of new performance management software to your CTO. So here are five reasons to change your current system:

1. Up-to-date technology

New performance management software can be used on a desktop, laptop or through a mobile app. The nature of weekly check-ins allows you to add quick updates regularly and reduce the overall admin involved by up to 90%.

2. Automation is a selling point when you pitch new software to your CTO

Integration with Microsoft Teams allows automatic reminders and calendar links. So you don’t need to remember when reviews are due, or find managers suddenly have to create time to hold ten appraisals.

3. Flexible process

Weekly check-ins can be done remotely, in the office, or even on the train. And monthly and quarterly reviews can be scheduled at times to make sense. No more arbitrary dates for completion. Just regular updates and valuable reviews on progress, development and recognition.

4. Highlight issues and successes easily

Zensai uses pass-ups and pass across functions to flag issues with more senior managers or share it with other project teams. You can also celebrate success by tagging a colleague anywhere in the business.

5. Easy reporting

You want to see what’s happening in the business over time, for performance, engagement and overall sentiment about work. So you need simple reports everyone understands that come straight from the system. IT have enough to do, without needing to get involved in that.