*We’re thrilled to unveil our rebranded product – LMS365 is now Learn365, under our new company name, Zensai. Same great product, fresh new name! Enjoy the article and know that all references to LMS365 still refer to the same exceptional product you know and love, now under the new name Learn365.

For us, the learner has always come first. Our new leading brand promise, Learn Like You, is a modernized reflection of our core commitment to democratize learning and takes the LMS365 journey to the next level. 

Aarhus, Denmark, December 8, 2022 — LMS365, the only digital learning solution built into Microsoft 365 and Teams, is introducing Learn Like You, a fresh identity and attitude that brings the concept of “learning in the flow of work” to life.  

Through the Learn Like You universe, LMS365 will tell the story of individualized learning globally. It champions our organization’s ongoing mission to personalize the learning experience for everyone, everywhere — whether you’re at a desk or the beach, in the office or in the air. As a brand ethos, Learn Like You prioritizes inclusivity and accessibility while nurturing a culture of continuous evolution.  

“Learn Like You taps into what we’ve learned over the last few years — there is a huge demand for personalized learning. LMS365 doesn’t just understand the individual; we also identify and embrace Learn Like You internally. We are passionate about learning and recognize that it’s a deeply personal experience. Learn Like You puts the focus on the learner and their unique needs.” 

— Emma Damgaard Williams,​ Brand Marketing Specialist, LMS365 

Learn Like You is a way of life 

Research proves that adult brains retain the ability to continue growing and building new neural connections over time. Studies also show that enriched learning environments with multiple stimuli — like videos, quizzes, podcasts and forums — increase the biochemical likelihood of creating new neural networks. Simply put, we have the ability and desire to learn for life.  

In the modern hybrid workplace, democratized learning is what enables people to learn in their own way, on their own time. And when tailored to the individual’s experience, learning has the power to boost employee satisfaction, engagement and retention.  

“Learn Like You is not just a logo or color or catchy name — it’s a feeling we project to our customers, partners, and the global market. It fits our mission of democratizing learning, and the reaction has been outstanding. We are extremely proud to be a leading player in everything that we do and excited to take this next step. The journey only starts here.”  

Rasmus Holst, CEO, LMS365 

With Learn Like You, LMS365 guarantees to make this eternal quest for knowledge easier and much more fun; recent integrations with Go1 and Microsoft Viva Learning further encompass this mindset by delivering a personalized employee experience within the LMS365 platform. This attitude is woven into the fabric of everything LMS365 has to offer. Learn Like You is more than an abstract idea; it’s an essential part of our DNA. 

About LMS365 

LMS365 is a cloud-based platform built into Microsoft Teams to enable organizations to manage learning and training. The company was founded with the ambition to create a learning platform built into the expansive Microsoft 365 environment and designed to support millions of users and learners around the globe. The company continues to support both commercial and government customers (GCC) in their evolving work environments.