Introducing 365 Akademie, a leading authority in eLearning within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, partnering with LMS365, a trailblazer in providing effortless learning journeys. This collaboration aims to redefine the learning landscape, offering cutting-edge solutions that harness the potential of Microsoft 365 for modern workforce empowerment.

This strategic alliance presents numerous advantages for organizations seeking to empower their workforce:

  • Personalized Learning: Unlock tailored and effective learning experiences aligned with learners’ distinct needs and preferences.
  • Innovative Tools and Technologies: Leverage the innovative capabilities of Microsoft 365 under the guidance of 365 Akademie’s experts to drive engagement and productivity.
  • Effective Training Program Evaluation: With the capability to monitor and assess training program effectiveness, organizations can fine-tune learning strategies for optimal outcomes.

Numerous examples demonstrate how organizations can leverage these benefits to reshape training initiatives and enhance learning experiences. As highlighted by Rainer Mauth, General Manager for NorDach at Zensai, “Our partnership with 365 Akademie reflects our commitment to elevating learning experiences through the convergence of advanced technology and expert guidance.”

This collaboration is poised to revolutionize employee learning, foster engagement, and catalyze growth. Thomas Maier, Owner of 365 Akademie comments, “Our role in this venture is to seamlessly integrate Microsoft 365 tools into your learning journey, ensuring your employees embark on a continuous path of skill enhancement.”

Future Plans

Learn365 and 365 Akademie share a collective vision for the future – to extend this transformative partnership to a broader range of organizations and employees. Together, they aspire to continually evolve and offer innovative solutions that remain pertinent and valuable in the ever-evolving landscape of modern work.

The union of Learn365 and 365 Akademie signifies a dynamic fusion of expertise and technology, empowering organizations to cultivate a thriving learning culture. With customized learning journeys, innovative tools, and a resolute focus on measurable outcomes, this collaboration embodies the essence of modern workforce empowerment. Organizations are invited to embark on this journey with Learn365 and 365 Akademie, pioneering a new era of learning and growth.

About Zensai

Zensai, the leading Human Success Platform, seamlessly integrates into Microsoft 365 and Teams and is powered by AI. Our mission? To unlock human potential worldwide. With a global presence spanning 60+ countries and millions of users, Zensai revolutionizes employee development, engagement, and performance management. As a Microsoft Preferred Solution, we redefine success metrics, offering a best-practice framework and solution for learning, engagement, and performance that is delivered in the Microsoft 365 environment. Driven by AI, designed for productivity, and aligned with your unique workflow.

About 365 Akademie 

365 Akademie, a prominent partner in this transformative journey, is an unrivaled force in the domain of eLearning within the Microsoft 365 universe. With a profound understanding of the intricacies and challenges of today’s work environment, they offer a compelling suite of solutions that help organizations fully harness the capabilities of Microsoft 365. By providing dynamic learning videos, comprehensive content, and personalized guidance, 365 Akademie ensures that employees can seamlessly transition from onboarding to mastering Microsoft 365, driven by the spirit of innovation and collaboration.