Partnership will enable anytime, anywhere learning for DistriSofts Customers

Zensai is partnering with DistriSoft, a company specialized in the field of eLearning, the company announced today. Through this partnership, DistriSoft will become a valued partner for Zensai offering expertise around online learning in the French market.  

“We are welcoming DistriSoft as a new Zensai partner in France. Since DistriSoft has a long history in the learning segment we are looking forward to this new partnership with CEO Jean-Claude Michel and his team. This new partnership will undoubtedly strengthen our position in the French market and be a valuable element in Zensai claiming its fair share of the LMS market in France.”

Mads Nikolaj Bessing, Senior Business Manager at Zensai. 

DistriSoft can now deliver Learn365, the only learning platform built into Microsoft 365, to support the training needs of its clients. For DistriSoft, this integration into Microsoft Teams means that they can meet evolving requirements and enable employees’ learning in the flow of work. This means meeting learners’ where they are providing a flexible and engaging learning experience.  

Jean-Claude Michel, CEO at DistriSoft Group.

About Zensai

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