Zensai has just forged an epic partnership with Go1, the world’s most comprehensive online library of learning and education resources. Go1 is now available to buy as part of Learn365, facilitating a flawless upskilling and reskilling adventure for employees. This collaboration will revolutionize the way you approach workplace learning and make your professional development journey smoother than ever.  

You’re probably wondering how. Drumroll, please!

No More Empty LMS 

One of the most thrilling aspects of our partnership with Go1 is that you won’t have to start with a blank slate. That’s right; no more buying an empty Learning Management System and wondering where to find the right content. With Learn365 and Go1 together, you get access to a treasure trove of diverse learning materials from day one.

Tailored Learning Experiences

We get it — not everyone learns the same way. That’s exactly why Zensai and Go1 have joined forces: to offer you highly personalized and curated content packages. It’s 2024, and there’s no time for one-size-fits-all training models! Now, you can cater to individual learning styles and preferences, ensuring your employees get the education they need to thrive.

One Contract to Rule Them All

Managing multiple contracts for your LMS and content can be a (major) headache. With Learn365’s partnership with Go1, you’ll have the convenience of a single contract. It’s all under one roof, making your life simpler and your journey smoother. 

Join the Thriving Community

You’re not alone. As of our last count, 53 forward-thinking customers are already reaping the benefits of Learn365 and Go1. They’ve embraced the future of workplace learning, and you can too. 

And that’s not all. 

A leader in online education, Go1 is no stranger to big-league partnerships with global giants. By combining their expertise with Learn365’s market-leading learning management solution, you gain access to features like Go1’s native search, custom filters, and generative AI (GenAI) content selection tools, seamlessly integrated into Learn365. This means you get even more bang for your buck

“Supporting, meeting, and exceeding our customer’s specific needs is at the forefront of everything we do at Zensai. Partnering with Go1 further validates our mission to deliver seamless learning experiences, increase productivity, and ultimately, achieve greater human success.” 

Rasmus Holst, CEO, Zensai

We couldn’t be more thrilled about this collaboration.

“By integrating our solutions, employees can quickly develop new skills and further their professional growth while in the flow of work. Together with Zensai, we provide a complete solution that builds a bridge between today’s skills gap and the future needs of people and work.”

Andrew Barnes, CEO & Co-founder at Go1

Our CEO, Rasmus Holst, echoes the enthusiasm.

“Customers can access highly customized content to empower employee development and professional success from day one, all while enabling organizations to achieve the business outcomes they desire.”

Rasmus Holst, CEO, Zensai

The world of workplace learning is evolving rapidly, and we’re at the forefront of this transformation. Zensai is all about empowering organizations in the modern digital workplace through employee development and performance. With this partnership, you can #LearnLikeYou never have before. 

Are you ready to level up your workforce’s skills and reach greater human potential? We thought so! Click here to learn more about the Learn365 x Go1 partnership and check out video testimonials from our amazing customers.  

In the words of Go1, “powering the pursuit of potential” has never been this exciting.

About Zensai 

We are Zensai and we are all about human success. Founded in Denmark in 2009, we are an award-winning privately held software company with a global presence across Europe, Australia, and North America. Our Human Success Platform, integrated into Microsoft 365 and powered by AI, offers learning, engagement, and performance tools tailored to your workflow.

With users in 60+ countries, we champion #SucceedLikeYou to support personal growth, professional development, and peak performance. By prioritizing people over platform, we empower individuals and businesses to achieve their full potential confidently and successfully. Our Globally Certified™ status by Great Place To Work® reflects our commitment to fostering positive workplace culture and leadership excellence.

About Go1 

Go1 is the world’s content expert and the largest learning ecosystem powering the pursuit of potential. With expertly curated content spanning more than 80,000 courses from hundreds of industry-leading providers, Go1 delivers a seamless experience for both L&D leaders and employees in a single, easy-to-use platform. The company has raised over $400 million in funding from investors AirTree Ventures, Blue Cloud Ventures, Five Sigma, Insight Partners, Madrona, Salesforce Ventures, SEEK Investments, SoftBank Vision Fund 2, and Y Combinator. Go1 is a Y Combinator 2023 Top Company, an SAP Partner with an SAP Endorsed App, and an EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award Nominee. To learn more, visit Go1