Quick facts about Phoenix Software: 

Read below and see what Phoenix Software Talent and Development Manager, Emma Taylor shared about her experience with Zensai’s Human Success Platform. You can also access the full success story PDF.

When looking for a learning platform, what made Learn365 stand out?

We were growing in headcount, taking on lots of new staff, and we needed a way to schedule, deliver, track, and report on training. After evaluating lots of different products, we found Learn365 was the ideal solution for us down to the ease of use for both the user and the admin, and because the LMS is built in Microsoft Teams.

What benefits have you seen from implementing Learn365? 

Being able to prove that training has been completed on our company policies, for example, has helped ensure we are compliant with the many ISO standards we have. We’ve also been able to ensure all new employees receive the same onboarding experience and help them learn the basics quickly so they can become efficient in their roles. This saves time and money, while also giving the employee an optimal experience.

How do Perform365 and Engage365 benefit your HR strategy?

We place huge importance on employee engagement at Phoenix and have invested in coaching all our leaders on how to maintain high levels of engagement from their teams. We do an annual engagement survey, but we wanted to get more regular feedback from our employees to ensure we can act quickly to prevent any issues escalating. It’s also important to our workplace culture to celebrate successes regularly. We were delighted to find Zensai’s Engage365 and Perform365.

What is your vision for your people using the Human Success Platform?

We have rolled out the weekly check-ins, and the next phase is to roll out the Goals element to track goals and objectives set as part of personal development plans. We will be linking the goals to the team, department, and company-level goals, so every employee can see how they contribute towards the company goals.

Any goals that require training can be linked directly to a course in Learn365, streamlining the process for the employee.

Emma Taylor, Training and development manager

How is Phoenix Software using Learn365?

We initially focused on using Learn365 for onboarding, to ensure all new employees were receiving the information they needed, and that everyone was receiving the same optimal onboarding experience. We now use Learn365 to host 3rd party content, too.

Lastly, how would you define Human Success?

At Phoenix, Human Success is achieved by empowering employees, investing in their development, and creating a culture that values wellbeing, team cohesion, and trust. We empower and inspire our people to fulfil their potential so they can help customers make smarter buying decisions and meet their business objectives through technology. We believe that if we create a great place to work that people enjoy, they will deliver their best work to our customers, resulting in our company being successful.


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