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Egg Harbor Café is a family-owned chain of restaurants serving a delicious breakfast and lunch menu across 22 locations in Illinois, Wisconsin and Georgia. Egg Harbor Café was looking for an intuitive, effective and engaging learning platform to train staff to provide an exceptional guest experience. The solution also needed to support future growth through efficient employee onboarding.

“Partnering with Learn365 was definitely the right decision for my team. I’ve actually already recommended it to acquaintances in the world of training. It’s just the easiest and most efficient LMS that I’ve ever used.”

Courtney Sinnott, Director of Training, Egg Harbor Café


Egg Harbor Café was looking for a learning platform that would help staff to deliver the best possible experience for diners. Courtney Sinnott, Director of Training, explains:

The reason Egg Harbor Cafe is so successful is because we hire amazing people who are able to provide the best experience for our guests. But in order for them to be able to provide that experience they need to be trained. The trainings we provide ensure that our employees are set up for success and consistently at all locations.

The solution had to be both flexible and scalable, being able to handle the constant change inherent in the hospitality sector. Courtney Sinnott comments:

The training never stops. It’s always ongoing. So even something like a limited specialty menu item, we need to be able to get that information to the fields quickly.

One of the reasons the team selected Learn365 was not only its scalability, but also because it is effortless to use. Courtney Sinnott comments:

What I can say about Learn365 is just the ease of use for both the administrator and the user. It’s so intuitive and we rarely get questions on how to use it.

The team was also looking for a solution that would integrate seamlessly with Microsoft 365 and SharePoint.

We decided to work with Learn365 because it integrates with SharePoint. SharePoint plays a really big part in our operations. It made sense to go with something that worked so well with what our employees were already used to using.

Courtney Sinnott, Director of Training, Egg Harbor Café


  • Setting up employees for success by training them to provide an exceptional experience for guests.
  • Onboarding new employees efficiently and effectively so they can hit the ground running from day one.
  • Empowering everyone with constant training updates, navigating challenges in a fast-growing company within a fast-moving sector.

Today every employee can reach Learn365 either through computers or iPads located within each restaurant, or via personal mobile devices that can be used at work or home. Learners access a variety of mandatory, voluntary and role-based courses, from how to make the latest menu item to specialist legal and management training. A key use case for Learn365 has been employee onboarding. Courtney Sinnott says:

We’re using Learn365 for our new hires. It makes sure that our employees are set up for success the moment that they start with us. We use it to track completion of required and ongoing trainings.

Prior to introducing Learn365, learning was ad hoc and uneven across different locations. Now it is far more comprehensive and consistent. Courtney Sinnott remarks:

Our biggest issue was consistency. Learn365 has made our process streamlined and more effective. Now we keep track of the completion of trainings and ensure everyone is getting the information that they need. It’s also the right information so everyone is being trained on the exact same thing. Learn365 makes sure that we’re all on the same page.

Here the ease of reporting within Learn365 has been very helpful. Courtney Sinnott comments:

I don’t need to download a bunch of reports or click a bunch of different tabs. I can just really quickly see if somebody’s completed a training or not in the matter of seconds. It’s just really efficient.

Another valuable Learn365 feature has been the ability to use quiz questions to see if a learning has been truly embedded.

Learn365 really changed the game for how we approach trainings because it’s all trackable. We can quiz our employees to test their knowledge on the training topic. A manager can assess and check off in their training dashboard that yes, not only does this employee know what they need to know, but they’re doing what they need to do.

Another advantage of Learn365 is its tight integration with Microsoft 365 tools such as Power Automate, helping to drive efficiency through automation. Courtney Sinnott comments:

Learn365 has Power Automate actions that we utilize a lot. Anything that employees automatically need to be enrolled into, it’s all just done through Power Automate. Our new hires are enrolled as soon as they’re given their email and the work is done for us.

It’s also possible to integrate with Learn365 with non-Microsoft solutions. Courtney Sinnott comments:

One big benefit of Learn365 is that its API integrates with a lot of other software. It has great API documentation and implementation.


Learn365 continues to support Egg Harbor Café’s growth. Courtney Sinnott remarks that, “we’re always hiring, we’re continuing to grow”. Learn365 ensures that the business can scale, providing a platform where new joiners are easily onboarded as new locations open, and everybody stays up to date with the pace of change. Courtney Sinnott adds:

As a company, we are changing and evolving with our growth, so there’s just a lot to keep up with!

The learning team also appreciates that the Learn365 platform continues to improve and expand, often with new features that are suggested by Learn365 customers themselves. It means the Egg Harbor Café team can continue to advance their use of Learn365 to meet future needs.

Learn365 has great resources where you can see what’s on the horizon with new features, and you can even submit your own ideas. It’s just really great that some of the ways that they evolve come right from the customers that are using the platform.

Courtney Sinnott, Director of Training, Egg Harbor Café

Reflecting on her experience to date, Courtney Sinnott appreciates the service and support she has received from the Learn365 team.

My experience at Learn365 has been amazing! Everyone is so smart and so knowledgeable, and if they don’t have an answer for you, they will find it!

See for yourself

Watch this video success story to see how Learn365 (formerly LMS365) helped put learning in the hands of Egg Harbor Café employees.


Egg Harbor Café is a growing chain of restaurants serving a delicious breakfast and lunch menu across 22 locations in Illinois, Wisconsin and Georgia. The company has been family-owned since it was formed in 1984 and is strongly committed to providing an exceptional experience for guests.