Quick facts about Buchanan Group: 

  • Industry: Funeral, Manufacturing
  • HQ: Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Established: 1998
  • Web: www.buchanangroup.org


Though Buchanan Group had a learning management system (LMS) in place, the organization was facing many technical issues that prevented successful training in a highly regulated industry.

A lack of trade-specific training materials like SCORM courses, for example, meant the company had to create their materials in-house, which proved to be difficult with the standard LMS. Buchanan Group used a funeral specific web training site that consistently fell victim to technical issues, was not intuitive for employee use and made tracking progress difficult for managers.

On top of this, the system was also very costly while being unable to alleviate the manual burden on the organization’s LMS Administrator. Due to the regulatory nature of the business it is crucial that Buchanan’s funeral staff be knowledgeable and compliant.

Consequently, the company turned to the market to find a reliable LMS that could automate reminders and ensure high-quality, simple training for all its employees.

Learn365 has been a perfect fit for Buchanan Group due to its flexibility. It has all the features needed to handle our more complicated and demanding courses, but even simple courses can still be set up with just a few clicks.


SharePoint Online acts as the company’s main portal for services and information and it therefore made sense to find a LMS that also leveraged the Microsoft collaboration platform.

Buchanan Group discovered Learn365 built in Microsoft 365 and proceeded to implement in the fall of 2017 to 350 users for training on industry specific items, safety, and computer security. Most training is still created in-house, yet the process is much easier.

Training now consists of a simple video, followed by a confirmation where employees can acknowledge that they have understood the information. Managers can then easily track progress and identify any knowledge gaps. Each employee is required to take 4-5 mandatory courses annually. These are typically taken around the same time so employees spend a couple of days per year in Learn365 on general training. They also have optional courses made available to them to build upon existing skills or develop new ones.

Leadership also implemented a computer security training program with required training courses using the Learn365 SCORM Player. Outside of Learn365, phishing and other security tests are sent to employees. Those that fail to pass the test are assigned remedial training which is completed in Learn365. From there, reports are then sent to HR for tracking.


  • Cut training costs in half while simultaneously improving service
  • Eliminated manual errors in enrollment, ensuring all employees receive the correct training
  • Increased uptime of training sites
  • Mobile training options simplify the training process for Buchanan’s product and maintenance employees who do not regularly sit at a computer
  • More knowledgeable, well-developed employees
  • Effortless ad hoc training through Learn365

The biggest change the company saw was the fact that Learn365 is continuously updating its software. Where the previous LMS lacked active development, Learn365 continues to improve and adapt to the modern technical landscape.

The management platform has been greatly improved in many areas just in the last year. Integration with Microsoft Teams is a notable example of how Learn365 continues to innovate what we have started using.


Buchanan Group Inc. manages its own and outside companies in the death care industry including Flanner Buchanan, Washington Park Cemetery Association, Catholic Cemeteries Association, Fewell Monument, and Private Label Caskets. Primarily, the organization provides back office services for many funeral homes and cemeteries in Indiana, the largest being Flanner Buchanan founded in 1881. Buchanan Group also manufactures granite monuments, primarily for cemeteries, and runs a casket distribution network.