A groundbreaking collaboration between Learn365 and smartfox media, an innovative digital agency based in the scenic Mainz, is set to reshape the learning landscape. This strategic alliance brings together advanced technology and cutting-edge educational content, promising a new era of tailored and impactful learning experiences. 

The Strength of Collaboration  

The synergy between Learn365 and smartfox media brings forth a host of benefits, offering learners a diverse range of web-based trainings, micro learnings, and games across critical domains. These domains include IT-Security Awareness, Data Privacy, Digital Proficiency, and Health & Safety. Many of these comprehensive courses have been developed in close partnership with the esteemed TÜV Nord Akademie, underscoring our unwavering commitment to excellence. 

Customized Content Creation 

Beyond pre-existing offerings, this collaboration also extends to the creation of bespoke content. Leveraging smartfox’s specialized insights and client-centered approach, we craft multimedia and didactic concepts that seamlessly translate into engaging e-learning formats. This encompasses everything from comprehensive employee onboarding to intricate technical training. 

The strategic alliance between Learn365 and smartfox media holds the potential to revolutionize the learning experience. By seamlessly embedding learning within organizational contexts, we empower companies to cultivate a culture of continuous development. Employees can embark on learning journeys customized to their unique needs and growth aspirations. 

According to smartfox media Daniel Egerer, “This partnership marks a significant leap in how we approach learning. Learn365’s streamlined interface and integration prowess align perfectly with our holistic philosophy of providing comprehensive solutions.” 

Embracing the Future 

As we embark on this transformative journey, the horizon brims with exciting possibilities. Together, we aspire to extend these transformative solutions to a wider spectrum of organizations and employees. The partnership is poised to evolve, continually delivering unparalleled value to organizations and enriching the learning ecosystem. 

The fusion of Learn365 and smartfox media signifies a pivotal moment in the evolution of learning. By harmonizing advanced technology and expertly crafted content, we propel organizations toward a future where learning isn’t merely routine, but an exhilarating voyage of growth. We cordially invite organizations to explore the boundless potential of this powerful partnership and witness how learning can truly shape the workforce of tomorrow. 

About Zensai

Zensai, the leading Human Success Platform, seamlessly integrates into Microsoft 365 and Teams and is powered by AI. Our mission? To unlock human potential worldwide. With a global presence spanning 60+ countries and millions of users, Zensai revolutionizes employee development, engagement, and performance management. As a Microsoft Preferred Solution, we redefine success metrics, offering a best-practice framework and solution for learning, engagement, and performance that is delivered in the Microsoft 365 environment. Driven by AI, designed for productivity, and aligned with your unique workflow.

About smartfox media 

Smartfox media is a tightly-knit digital agency located in the picturesque Mainz. Specializing in E-Learning, our expertise spans content and educational technology. As a family-oriented business, we work closely with clients to provide a comprehensive approach, encompassing both content and educational technology. Our interdisciplinary team includes trained E-Learning Designers, ensuring top-notch guidance for our clients.