1. Improvement for Quiz configuration
  2. Teams App
  3. Line Manager Dashboard
  4. API

1) Improvement for Quiz configuration

  • A new option to show if answers are correct/incorrect in review, without providing the correct answer
  • New private/shared settings to Quizzes to allow great control to who can manage and modify Quizzes
  • A new option to select/de-select if Quiz score is shown to Learner after completion of a Quiz
  • Restrict Course Admins to not manage all Question Pools – To allow greater control to Course Catalog Admins of who can change Question Pools
  • Easily see in which Courses a specific Quiz is used in before changes to the Quiz
Quiz configuration

2) Teams App

Several new improvements have been made to the Learn365 Teams App:

  • Course titles and thumbnails will now be shown inside Teams – The responsive layout of the course home page has also been adjusted.
  • Learners can also download their certificates directly from the course page and dashboard in the Teams App.
  • The Learn365 chatbot, available in Teams, can now also help with overview of Learners “My Training” similar to what is shown on Training Dashboard.
  • The Learn365 Teams app now work better with dark theme. The Dashboard, Course Catalog and Course Home Page will be consistently white when Teams is in dark theme mode. Full support for Dark theme is planned for the future.
Teams App

3) Line Manager Dashboard

  • Adding ability for Line Managers to Grant and Revoke competencies for their direct reports
  • Adding ability for Line Managers to export Direct Reports summary view to Excel
  • Adding an All Catalogs view to better support organizations with many Course Catalogs. This will allow Line Managers to see an aggregated summary view of her direct reports across different Course Catalogs
  • Adding a global setting to enable the option to continue to use Classic Team View alongside new Line Manager Dashboard – this option will be available for a limited time period
Line Manager Dashboard

4) API

A new PATCH Operator for /odata/v2/Courses API end-point have been added. This will enable System Integrators to more easily update Course information programmatically.

A new /odata/v2/Enrollments/IncludeDeletedUsers() end-point have been added which includes deleted users’ enrollments. This can be used to report on enrollments for users who are not longer in the organization, but where it is still relevant to include them in reporting for compliance reasons.

Upgraded to Swagger 3.0 UI as default for api.lms365.systems. The new UI is faster and enables download of the response body to a JSON file.