SCORM Player which is part of Learn365, the leading Learning Management Suite for Office 365 ®, took home wins in two of Microsoft’s most coveted categories.

  • Most Business Value – SharePoint Add-in
  • Best Performing SharePoint Add-in

According to Microsoft, judges struggled for weeks this year to select the 34 best Office add-ins and apps from thousands of apps in the Office Store, Azure Marketplace, and other sources. Microsoft observed that education-focused solutions like SCORM Player 365 represent the leading edge of Office 365’s foray into the eLearning market.

Learn365 apps unite advanced eLearning technology with the authoring, collaboration, and social features of Office 365. Businesses are enabled to deliver intuitive eLearning programs that are embedded directly into the productivity and social functions that already connect and enable the workforce.

The SCORM Player adds SCORM-based training to any desired SharePoint ® page in any application or publication with a click. Learn365’s Course Creator and Course Catalog take eLearning a step further by turning any SCORM Player 365-based package into a full-blown, formalized course with enrollment and social networking features.

‘Winning in these categories is a true honor,’ said Bjarne Mortensen, CEO of ELEARNINGFORCE International. ‘We see it not only as recognition for years of hard work, but also as confirmation that we’re on the right path toward building the world-class Learning Management suite Office 365 customers are looking for.’