*We’re thrilled to unveil our rebranded product – LMS365 is now Learn365, under our new company name, Zensai. Same great product, fresh new name! Enjoy the article and know that all references to LMS365 still refer to the same exceptional product you know and love, now under the new name Learn365.

The ISO 27001 certification is granted to organizations who meet the global standard for effective information security. After receiving a recommendation from the ISO/IEC accreditation body, the LMS365 product and company has now been declared ISO 27001 certified for its outstanding risk management and information security, demonstrated through its evolving protection of company, end-user, and partner data.

Protection and Connection Through Information Security

We are operating in a more hybrid and globalized workspace than ever before, and the need to stay connected and secure grows each day. Gartner CIO Agenda Survey found that up to 40% of those available to work from home will take that option, and many organizations now find themselves with partners, collaborators, and clients that span the globe. This shift in virtual and global collaboration requires a higher level of attention and care when it comes to information security.

@LMS365 is now #ISO27001 certified for its ongoing commitment to protecting company, end-user, and partner data!

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The LMS365 team is committed to evolving and growing our information security structures to best support our organizational operations, as well as the employees, clients, and users who trust us to safeguard their information.

LMS365 is pleased to have this commitment recognized with the ISO 27001 certification for outstanding information security. This certification shows our clients, partners, and employees that we are dedicated to the continuous security of their data—both within the LMS365 organization and our learning management platform.

Read more about ISO/IEC 27000 system standards

“For LMS365 customers, this certification is very important. It shows that we handle their applications, data, and information in a secure way and that we have been declared a trusted partner and organization when it comes to information security. For our employees, it shows that we can be trusted to develop, communicate, and operate internal operations through secure methods and practices. It all comes back to our core value of enabling trust within our organization and throughout our partnerships.”

Flemming Blåbjerg, Head of Digital Transformation & Compliance, LMS365

Trusted in Security and Compliance

LMS365 knows that without trust, we cannot support organizations or individuals effectively. That is why trust is one of the four strategic themes that leads LMS365 in our operations and helps keep us accountable to our employees, partners, and users of our product.

Having trust integrated into our organization at the strategic level is what  motivated LMS365 to continuously improve and advance the safeguarding our information security operations, ultimately earning us the ISO 27001 certification.

The Global Standard for Information Security

The ISO/IEC 27001 standards were originally published in 2005 by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

Today, ISO 27001 certification continues to represent an international standard for developing, implementing, maintaining, and continually improving an information security management system or ISMS.

How Our Customers, Partners and Employees Benefit

Receiving the ISO 27001 certification from the ISO/IEC body highlights that our product and company meet the higher standards of information security necessary for modern organizations.

This is a positive, not just for our IT team, but for the whole of our organization and the people we work with daily.

  • For Customers: LMS365 made security a priority, putting data protection over extraneous additional functionalities, leading to more streamlined and secure learning opportunities
  • For Partners: LMS365 is increasingly proactive with meeting the security standards of partner organizations, ensuring quicker start up and higher sense of trust in collaborations
  • For Employees: LMS365 developed content to train employees on effective internal and external data management, safeguarding the organization while offering more freedom and security with remote work

“We’ve really dedicated our time to streamlining and securing the training process for our LMS365 employees, which became much easier as we improved our security management. We’ve seen faster adoption of new technologies from employees, more engagement with onboarding, and an increase in knowledge sharing among colleagues. I think it shows what can come from your employees feeling safe and protected.”

Flemming Blåbjerg

ISO 27001 | Another Layer of Trusted Security

The ISO 27001 certification is an addition to LMS365’s suite of security tools and credentials.

Our LMS365 app is also supported by Veracode Verified Continuous application security, which certifies that our systems operate securely and are free of data vulnerabilities.

Additionally, LMS365 is highlighted as a Microsoft Preferred Solution and was recently declared a Microsoft 365 Certified App after successfully meeting the highest level of security and compliance required by Microsoft.

“The ISO Certification builds another layer of security on top of all the LMS365 assets that plug in with the Microsoft 365 suite. Our Microsoft 365 verifications have shown our users that using LMS365 with Microsoft is extremely safe. And now with the ISO certification we can provide our employees and partners with the same sense of safety when it comes to all aspects of LMS365’s information security—whether it relates to the product, marketing, or customer success.”

Flemming Blåbjerg

LMS365 is thrilled to add the ISO 27001 certification to our growing list of security validations, further showing our commitment to effective information security management.

To read more about our ongoing dedication to compliance and secure data management, visit the LMS365 Trust Center for more resources.