Preview Re-designed My Training Dashboard

In this release we are enabling a preview of the redesigned My Training Dashboard. Organizations will be able to give selected users an opportunity to try out the new experience early on and provide feedback to the Learn365 team. The preview will also allow organizations to start preparing for the shift to the new look in the future. Following this release we will continue to improve the redesigned My Training Dashboard, until it becomes generally available and the current dashboard is deprecated.

  • New Global Learn365 Configuration option to enable Preview of “New Look” for My Training Dashboard for specific users in the organization
  • A “New Look” for My Training Dashboard that includes a more modern look & feel as well as a number of improvements related to navigation and overview
  • The “New Look” is in Preview and do not yet have all planned features available.
  • Users whom your organization select to take part of Preview, can switch back and forth between “New Look” and “Classic Look” as needed themselves
Training Dashboard

Limit Access to Full Learner Details

Learn365 recognizes the need for some organizations to apply restrictions to detailed data about the individual Learner’s performance with a new feature to disable “Full Access to Learner Details” for Course Administrators and/or Line Managers.

  • New Global Learn365 Configuration option to disable showing certain details about the Learners’ training activities to Learner’s Line Manager in Line Manager Dashboard
  • New Global Learn365 Configuration option to disable showing certain details about the Learners’ training activities to Course Administrators in Course Progress and Reporting from Course Administration

More details can be found here.

Full Learner Details

Improved Accessibility for Course & Training Plan Pages

To improve the experience for all learners, compliance with current Accessibility Guidelines is key. With this release we ensure better accessibility for Course and Training Plan home pages with e.g. support for use of screen readers.

More details can be found here.

Exchange integration option to support OAuth and 2-Factor-Authentication

We are adding an additional option for setting up integration between Learn365 and Exchange Online. With the option of using “Modern” authentication, your organization can set up Learn365 Exchange integration using an account that have 2-factor-authentication enabled and without Learn365 needing to store the password for the account in our system.

OAuth and 2-Factor-Authentication

Enhanced Look & Feel in Learn365 Admin

The process of enhancing the overall Look & Feel of Learn365 continues. For this release we have made the following improvements:

  • Enhanced the Learning Module Overview user interface in Admin
  • Enhanced the Email Notification Template user interface in Admin
  • Usability improvements to API Key Management to make the process for Generating and Revoking API Key more intuitive
Learning Modules

API Improvements

Adding additional API operators to work with quizzes via API.

  • PUT and PATCH have been added for ​/odata​/v2​/Quizzes end-point. This allows for more flexibility when making updates to Quizzes using API