Easier to add a Tab with a Training or Course Catalog

Learn365 enables your users to easily pin a training or course catalog tab in their Teams channels to attract the team’s attention to relevant learning content.

The ability to pin a training as a tab enables your employees to bring relevant training into a specific work context, and it is powerful because everyone can do it.

Bringing an entire course catalog into a channel can be particularly useful for creating a specific learning channel in Teams.

With the latest teams improvements we have made the action of pinning specific training or course catalog even easier by introducing a training and catalog selector to the interface. With this employees can now search and pick the training or the catalog they want without having to find, copy and paste a URL from a training or catalog page.

We have also re-worded and re-arranged the options a little to make it even more clear for employees what to do.

Tab with a Training

Language Localization support for the dialog to “add an Learn365 tab”

The user interface for adding an Learn365 tab in Teams will now also support language localization. This means that the dialog content will be localized based on the language settings of the individual Teams user.

For additional information about supported languages in Learn365 see Learn365 Cloud and Mobile Supported Languages.

Language Localization