Introducing 10Pulse: the AI-powered employee engagement metric that helps you better understand the heartbeat of your organisation.

Firstly, it’s no big secret that we a) love data and b) are obsessed with improving employee engagement. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we love our tool that gives insight on engagement performance, 10Pulse!

We worked hard with our academic partners to develop this model based on qualitative data from check-ins and platform usage.

Consequently, expanding on our existing analytical suite, including AI-powered sentiment analysis and trend data tracking, 10Pulse helps bring into focus performance against five key employee engagement metrics:

  • Feeling valued
  • Pride
  • Advocacy
  • Discretionary effort
  • Job satisfaction

How 10Pulse and our employee engagement metrics work

Taking relevant data for each variable from an employee’s check-in and usage behavior, 10Pulse helps People teams and business leaders get a clearer view on how their people are scoring for each. This allows for the creation of a benchmarkable average (the 10Pulse itself).

This output serves to measure success over time both at the average level or for the individual variables, helping you to identify where strengths and weaknesses in your employee engagement strategy lie.

employee engagement metric

Our fully customizable user dashboard also allows for the analysis of similarities and differences between teams, departments and locations. This is an incredibly useful feature when looking to deep dive into the precise nature of engagement across a company and is already proving invaluable to a number of our largest clients.

10Pulse is currently in beta with a number of our clients and will be made available globally later this year. If you would like to gain access to the current beta and start seeing how our AI-powered employee engagement metric can help you see the heartbeat of your organisation, please get in touch through your Customer Success Manager.