*We’re thrilled to unveil our rebranded product – LMS365 is now Learn365, under our new company name, Zensai. Same great product, fresh new name! Enjoy the article and know that all references to LMS365 still refer to the same exceptional product you know and love, now under the new name Learn365.

AARHUS, Denmark, September 28, 2023— LMS365, a renowned provider of innovative learning management solutions, has once again demonstrated its industry leadership and commitment to customer satisfaction by earning twelve prestigious badges in G2’s Fall 2023 Report. G2, a trusted software review platform, compiles reports based on unbiased customer feedback, making this recognition even more significant. LMS365’s consistent focus on delivering value and exceptional user experiences has propelled it to stand out among competitors, earning the trust and appreciation of its global customer base.

LMS365 offers all we are looking for in an LMS

LMS365 customers, who operate in a range of industries including healthcare, finance, government, manufacturing, and more, enthusiastically share their positive experiences with the learning and training platform built right into the Microsoft 365 environment.

According to reviews on the G2 review site, LMS365:

LMS365 is a trusted partner for organizations of all sizes, around the world.

With the prestigious Leader Fall (General) badge, LMS365 showcases its commitment to excellence and exceptional learning management solutions that provide high-quality customer experiences. The Users Love Us badge further proves the platform’s positive impact on its users, highlighting their loyalty and satisfaction with its features and performance.

LMS365’s dedication to customer-centricity has earned it the Easiest To Do Business With badge, emphasizing its commitment to simplifying processes and delivering value-added services. As a Momentum Leader, LMS365 ranks among the top 25% of its category’s products by users, demonstrating its ability to adapt, innovate, and consistently deliver value. With its continuous momentum and dedication to innovation, LMS365 solidifies its position as a leader in the learning management solutions market.

You can see the full list of badges LMS365 earned in the G2 Fall Report below:

  • Leader Fall (General)
  • Leader (Europe)
  • Leader (Americas)
  • Leader (EMEA)
  • Leader Enterprise
  • Leader Enterprise (Americas)
  • Leader Mid-Market
  • Leader Mid-Market (Americas)
  • Leader Mid-Market (EMEA)
  • Users Love Us
  • Easiest To Do Business With
  • Momentum Leader

1 + 1 = 52 Badges: G2 recognizes LMS365 & Weekly10 for providing outstanding learning and employee performance experiences

The combination of LMS365’s learning platform and Weekly10’s employee performance platform is an exciting development that promises to revolutionize employee success in modern organizations. By joining forces, these two industry leaders are providing a comprehensive solution that encompasses learning, engagement, and performance. With a total of 52 badges earned in the G2 Fall Report, LMS365 and Weekly10 have already established themselves as top performers in their respective fields.

The acquisition of Weekly10 by LMS365 brings together the power of continuous learning and real-time feedback, creating a dynamic environment that fosters productivity and well-being. Organizations can now seamlessly integrate their learning initiatives with performance management, enabling employees to develop their skills while receiving regular feedback and recognition. This holistic approach not only enhances individual performance but also drives overall organizational success.

Both LMS365 and Weekly10 have earned high rankings in customer service, ease of use, and delivery of high-quality learning and performance experiences. This means that customers can expect a seamless transition and a user-friendly experience when utilizing the solutions. With features such as goal setting, peer recognition, and automated admin, organizations can streamline their processes and empower their employees to thrive. Furthermore, the integration with Microsoft Teams ensures that the solution seamlessly fits into existing workflows, maximizing user adoption and convenience.

The exciting combination of LMS365’s learning platform and Weekly10’s employee performance platform is set to transform the way organizations approach employee—and more broadly—human success. With their impressive track record and commitment to delivering exceptional experiences, LMS365 and Weekly10 are poised to revolutionize the way organizations learn, engage, and perform.