Success in the current landscape of new circumstances and challenges requires organizations to adapt to new ways of working, empower employees, transform business models, and optimize operations. As Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said in the opening of his keynote at Microsoft Ignite, “The case for digital transformation has never been more urgent.”

Continuous learning is essential to driving this digital transformation, and we are excited to partner closely with Microsoft to deliver on its commitment to helping individuals and organizations acquire the skills they need to thrive today and in the future with initiatives such as the Microsoft learning app.

The Microsoft Learning App

Microsoft’s new learning app scheduled to arrive in preview late this year is not an organizational learning initiative, but as an initiative to help organizations’ take a responsibility in helping “25 million people worldwide to acquire the digital skills needed in a COVID-19 economy”. However, we believe that Microsoft’s new learning app, will bring even more attention to how Microsoft Teams can be the central tool for creating a culture of organizational learning.

The Microsoft learning app will syndicate learning from Microsoft sources first, but also provide integration points, so other learning systems available in the organization can have their learning surfaced in it. When learners look at or start a training from it, they will be sent to a browser window of that specific learning system, which will take over from this point. Creation, recommendation, management, tracking etc. remains the domain of these other learning systems. Think of it as a search engine – an organizational google for learning content.

Since the very beginning of Learn365, our mission and function have been to leverage Microsoft 365 to enable organizations to manage learning and training. We have been fortunate to have a close collaboration with Microsoft, and we continue to work closely with Microsoft to ensure that organizations can integrate and leverage both tools in unison to accelerate digital learning and business transformation even further using Microsoft Teams.

Tech Intensity

Tech intensity is the key to business resilience and transformation today. Coined by Satya in 2018, the concept refers to the potential for organizations to grow by not only adopting technology but also building solutions on top of it. Tech intensity depends on how organizations integrate new technologies, develop unique digital capabilities by building a culture of innovation and foster trust across the business and with partners.

Each element of this formula is highly dependent on having a workforce that is empowered with the knowledge and skills required for success. This can be achieved by creating a system of learning—one that provides a continuous feedback loop across work, skills, and learning—that enables employees to access and engage with knowledge content in their daily flow of work.

The Possibilities for Continuous Learning with Learn365 and Microsoft

Learn365 is the only Enterprise Learning Management System within Microsoft Teams. With Learn365 already natively available inside Teams, we work together with Microsoft to ensure that learners using both tools get a seamless experience from discovery, learning paths, to taking training, collaborating on training, and following up on personal training goals and activities – without leaving the Microsoft Teams client. Not leaving the platform also boosts your employees Microsoft Teams confidence.

Microsoft’s upcoming learning app aims at providing a single search and browsable overview of Microsoft’s learning repositories Microsoft Learn and LinkedIn Learning – and in the future also the organization’s own Learning Management Systems. Learn365 customers using both tools will get a unified learning experience where they can:

  • Surface and discover Microsoft and 3rd party training content in the Microsoft learning app. When a learner selects a training that originates from Learn365, their continued learning experience will remain inside Microsoft Teams.
  • Take Learn365based training directly inside Teams and extend training with a social learning experience.
  • Use Teams client search experience to search for available learning opportunities.
  • Enable employees to integrate learning opportunities directly into the context of a Teams channel by pinning training as a tab in the channel.
  • Easily reference training opportunities directly in chats or channel conversations.
  • Allow learners to access their Personal Training Dashboard directly inside the Teams client.
  • Engage with the Learn365 chatbot inside Teams to find learning opportunities using an assisted chat conversation.

Enabling Transformation

We know from experience that a lot of work goes into meeting the complex organizational requirements of learning, from compliance-driven mandatory training to supporting the journey toward a culture of organizational learning. We are thrilled to support and collaborate with Microsoft in its initiative to enable all businesses to build resilience and tech intensity and drive transformation with continuous learning opportunities today.