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Weekly10 Becomes Engage365 And Perform365

Weekly10 is now
Engage365 and Perform365
from Zensai

Looking for Weekly10?

Well, you found us! Weekly10, your trusted employee engagement and performance software built for Microsoft 365 and Teams, is now Engage365 and Perform365. And both products are under our new company name, Zensai. Same great products, fresh new names!

Introducing Zensai

Why change?

LMS365’s acquisition of Weekly10 brought together two industry disruptors, resulting in the only Microsoft-first suite of talent development tools with AI embedded throughout the user experience.

By bringing our advanced engagement and performance tools together with LMS365’s agile learning platform, we now provide an end-to-end employee development solution, which we call the Human Success Platform.

Why Zensai?

Zensai is a blend of words that represent learning, growth, knowledge, and enlightenment. We felt it best represented the mission behind our Human Success Platform as a result of the merger between Weekly10 and LMS365.

What’s our mission? To help you, your people, and your organization achieve better business outcomes and reach higher levels of success. We do this by mastering the right skills and fostering a people-first culture.

Want to see how Weekly10 has evolved?


Ensure employees feel engaged and valued with regular check-ins, manager feedback, and peer recognition.


Provide clarity about goals and how people will reach them. Support employees along their path toward success.