[Artist Bio] Jamie Lawrence


Jamie Lawrence was born in Minnesota of Swedish descent. When she was twelve, she met an amazing art teacher that saw her vision for art in Sterling Illinois and encouraged her to make her own clothing and screenprint her drawings. 

Jamie has been formally taught and can create a painting of a person, place, idea, or concept, however, she loves to stand in front of her bare canvas with all her paints and mediums, palette knives and brushes and allow the present moment to come through her painting in silence or music, not thinking or trying to manipulate or plan the creation of art. She feels very fulfilled by letting go to see what beautiful art presents itself.

Jamie moved to Miami and received her Fine Arts Degree in Fashion and started working as a fashion designer and went into business for herself.

After graduation, Jamie has been in many solos and group shows for her Abstract Modern Art in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Los Cabos, Grand Cayman,  Jamaica, Maui, and Kauai.

Jamie fell in love with the energy of Los Angeles and decided to make it her home. She opened her own 2000 square foot Art Gallery in the Arts District Downtown Los Angeles named JamieLaGallery in 2013. 

Her gallery has attracted many famous collectors who have admired and purchased her art.  Music and TV shows have been filmed at her gallery and she has met and instantly became friends with so many amazing people that live in this high energy city.

She is excited and grateful for all of the moments, experiences, and people she has met along the way of her journey and wishes to continue to grow and bring joy and beauty with her artwork.  Jamie hopes to always be an inspiration and encourage people & children to pursue their talents…. Everyone has them!

She has written and illustrated a book that will be published this year, “Isabella and Her Voice” about following your talents and your passion. 






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